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Low-salt diets may only be beneficial for people with high blood pressure

A large worldwide study has found that, contrary to the popular thought, low-salt diets may not be beneficial and may actually increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and death compared to average salt consumption. In summary, the study suggests that the only people who need to worry about reducing sodium in their diet are […]

Seattle Beauty™ Tip: Drinking tea to a perfect skin and a greater health

Best Teas

I admit that I have a “drinking” problem—I am addicted to green tea!  For me, it’s a taste that I’ve grown used to.  My dad was a big tea drinker.  As far as I could remember, the only “water” form I drank is tea, starting from daddy’s cup, of course. Green tea is packed with […]

Why do we age— gene, mutation and wear and tear

In our past posts, we discussed two predominant theories of aging—oxidative damage caused by free radicals and age-related natural hormonal decline. This post will cover a few remaining theories on aging. The genetic theory of aging: Anecdotally, we’ve all noticed that some people age better than others. A few weeks ago, I was at a […]

Seattle Beauty™ Tip: a well-proven anti-aging herbal blend from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Qi Gui Blend, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) composition including Astragalus membranaceus and Angelica sinensis, is one of the oldest and best known anti-aging herbal formulations in China. Recorded in Chinese medicine book “Chen Shu-yan Book of Gynecology” published from 1127 to 1131 BC, the blend has been used for over one thousand years for […]

Seattle Beauty™ Tip: Essential oil facial message for a radian skin

Skin needs to be nourished. Well-nourished skin maintains good elasticity and moisture level, which slows down the aging process and helps to achieve healthy and younger looking skin. Regular facial message allows good blood circulation to the skin, which leads to firmer, more radiant skin with minimized fine lines and wrinkles. You will need message […]

Mannitol, a unique sugar, could potentially treat Parkinson’s disease


Mannitol is a sugar alcohol produced by fungi, bacteria, and algae. According to a report published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, researchers from Tel Aviv University have found that mannitol prevents “bad” clumps of the protein, α-synuclein, from forming in the brain — a process that is characteristic of Parkinson’s disease. After identifying the […]

Seattle Beauty™ Tip: Herbs for removing dark spots and even skin tone

I am a big fan of achieving beautiful skin naturally. Covering up the blemishes with heavy cosmetics is not my thing. If you feel the same, here are the herbs known for their dark spots removing capability. Incorporating into your skincare routine and enjoy a smooth and spot-free complexion. Safflower (Flos Carthami) Safflower is a […]