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Chocolate Keeps You Focused

By bfitch | March 20th, 2018
Chocolate and caffeine

Why combine chocolate and caffeine

It’s delicious, of course. And, if you need another excuse to eat chocolate, research shows that the combination of coffee and chocolate is perfect for keeping you more focused. In a study by Clarkson University, participants drank either brewed cocoa, cocoa with caffeine, caffeine without cocoa, or a placebo hot drink with neither caffeine nor cocoa. They were then asked to do an array of tests to evaluate both cognitive function and mood. The researchers found that cocoa by itself increases cerebral blood flow which improved cognition and attention. Caffeine by itself can increase anxiety. However, when combined, cocoa reduced the anxiety-provoking effects of caffeine, helping participants to stay more alert and focused.

These findings are what inspired us to create a well-balanced energy product called Mocca Shots. In addition to containing the right mix of ingredients to help you stay alert and focused, they taste great, act fast, and come in convenient packaging to take with you anywhere.

Cocoa has many beneficial properties for your health

Chocolate is good for your health

Theobromine is the main bioactive compound found in cocoa. It belongs to a family of molecules known as methylxanthines. These naturally occurring molecules include caffeine and theophylline – the main stimulants found in coffee and tea.

In the body, theobromine acts as a vasodilator, a mild diuretic, heart stimulant, and relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi in the lungs. As a result, it has been used to treat high blood pressure and other circulatory problems. In addition, cocoa has shown promising therapeutic effects on cholesterol, cognitive function, heart disease, stroke, fetal growth and development, and athletic performance.

So, next time you go for that chocolate indulgence, don’t feel too guilty- it’s actually good for you!