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Eating chocolate may reduce risk of heart disease


If you need one more excuse for your cocoa/chocolate addition, here it is: scientists from the University of Cambridge found that higher levels of chocolate consumption have been associated with a 37% reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, 31% reduction in diabetes and a 29% reduction for stroke. Previous research has shown that […]

Strength exercise is just as vital as aerobics


Push-ups and sit ups could add years to your life according to a study of over a large population led by the University of Sydney.  The research, published in the American Journal of Epidemiologytoday, is based on a pooled population sample of over 80,306 adults with data drawn from the Health Survey for England and Scottish […]

Mocca Shots High Caffeine Gummies Enter into Seven Hills Running Shop

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SEATTLE, Washington – As Seattle’s only trail running specialty store, Seven Hill Running Shop has become the most recent retail partner for Mocca Shotsâ High Caffeine Gummies by Seattle Gummy Company (SGC). Located in the Seattle neighborhood of Magnolia near the Discovery Park Visitor Center, Seven Hills Running Shop ( was founded by Phil Kochik in […]

Intermittent fasting, 5:2 diet versus 16:8 diet, both benefit weight loss


A growing body of compelling scientific research has suggested that controlled fasting pattern, named “Intermitted fasting,” could have beneficial health and weight loss effects. There are several forms of intermittent fasting plan, among them 5:2 diet and 16:8 diet are most well-known. The most popular form of intermittent fasting is the 5:2 diet. This eating […]

Dark Chocolate and Diabetes: How Does Cocoa Help Diabetes?

Dark Chocolate and Diabetes: How Does Cocoa Help Diabetes?

Mocca Shots High Caffeine Gummies Enter into Fleet Feet Sports

SEATTLE, Washington – Continuing its mission as the center of local running communities, Fleet Feet Sports has become the most recent retail partner for Mocca Shots High Caffeine Gummies by Seattle Gummy Company (SGC). Begun in 1976 by two women – Sally Edwards and Elizabeth Jansen – both teachers and best friends, Fleet Feet Sports ( […]

Connection between stress and autoimmune disease affirmed by research


We’ve all experienced stress manifesting in physical symptoms. For example, you may notice that your allergies or asthma get worse when you are stressed. You may wonder whether the stress from work is making the allergy or asthma attack worse. Wonder no more: a massive study spanning 30 years of data and examining over one […]

Seattle Gummy Company Launches Highest Concentrated Caffeine Product Available

Mocca Shots deliver dark chocolate flavor, one cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine each SEATTLE, Aug. 9, 2018 — Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) recently launched Mocca Shots™, a new product with the highest caffeine concentration available on the market. Each Mocca Shots™ dark chocolate gummy packs 100 mg of caffeine, the equivalent of a regular cup of […]

Pump up muscle glycogen synthesis during post-exercise recovery

All athletes know and have experienced that the amount of muscle glycogen storage is essential for the top athletic performance. Research shows that the level of glycogen storage in muscle is directly correlated with the onset of fatigue – the more glycogen you have in storage and longer you can work out without feeling fatigued. […]