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Why is Spicy Chocolate Popular and Healthy?

Why is Spicy Chocolate Popular and Healthy?

Spicy chocolate is everywhere these days, ranging from chocolate bars to hot chocolate and mochas at coffee shops. All kinds of chocolate can be spicy, including white, milk, and dark. Dark chocolate is often used to make spicy chocolate. The spice comes from chili powders and other spices. Many people think that spicy chocolate has even more health benefits than plain chocolate.

Caffeine Chews: Coffee Alternative with no Jitters

Coffee Alternative with no Jitters

It’s 2 pm. You’re sipping on coffee, and you’re not sure what number cup this is. Suddenly, you realize that the hand holding your coffee cup is shaking. You’re not cold or scared, but there your hand is, dancing a jig. Or maybe your eye is twitching uncontrollably, and you can’t stop tapping your foot. What’s going on? In this article, we’ll discuss coffee jitters, and what some good coffee alternatives with no jitters are.

The Ultimate Tips for Adjusting to Daylight Savings Time

Tips for Adjusting to Daylight Savings Time

It’s almost time for all of us to fall back with daylight savings time. While originally invented as a way to conserve fuel, back in the early nineteen hundreds, by Germany, it didn’t become fully standard in the US until 1966. One of the reasons that the first Sunday of November was chosen as the fall-back date for daylight savings time was to allow children more sunlit time for trick or treating on Halloween. Now that it’s here again, it’s time to prepare for scheduling blunders, difficulty sleeping, and perhaps feeling groggy in the morning.

Dealing with Mental Fog: Symptoms and Solutions

Mental Fog- Symptoms and Solutions

It’s 2 pm. You can’t think. You might have made a mistake in a report, you keep having trouble saying words, and you’re reaching for a Mocca Shot energy gummy. This is a situation many of us find ourselves in daily and it has a name: brain fog. It goes by other names like cloudy brain and mental fatigue, but whatever you call it, it is annoying at best, and it can be dangerous at worst.

What is Caffeine Microdosing?

Caffeine Microdosing

If you enjoy coffee, tea, caffeinated sodas, or energy drinks, you are not alone. Research shows that about 90% of Americans take caffeine daily. However, many of us also experience some kind of negative side effects from drinking multiple caffeinated beverages throughout the day. Common side effects include jitters, anxiety, headache, fatigue, and dreaded irritability. Many people are trying to bypass these side effects and still keep their energy up by caffeine microdosing. Caffeine microdosing is the practice of using small amounts of caffeine during the day to keep energy levels up. Rather than consuming a large cup of coffee, tea, or soda two or three times a day, you can microdose by using about 30-50mg of caffeine every few hours. (That’s about a quarter of a Mocca Shot energy gummy.) This allows you to avoid extreme energy fluctuations and maintain a more steady, stable energy throughout the day.

8 Vitamins that Give You Energy

Vitamins that Give You Energy

We all know that we need vitamins, but why exactly? What do they do in our bodies, and more importantly, which ones can give us energy? There is an energy crisis in America, and it has nothing to do with petroleum products or natural gas. We all have too much to do and often, not enough energy to do it all. Many people reach for energy drinks, or coffee to give them the energy they need to get started for the day or to get through the mid-afternoon slump.