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Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Gummy Bears?

For anyone who has been looking to get in shape, the prevailing belief is to avoid carbs at all costs. While cutting carbs is effective if your primary focus is fat loss, it is detrimental to strength, performance, and muscle gain. Bodybuilders know a thing or two about gaining lean muscle mass. For years, they […]

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Sugar Fuels Us

Sugars Are in Everything We Eat Most of us know sugar as what we put in our coffee or use in delicious baked goods. Table sugar comes from sugar beet or sugar cane. These plants are juiced, the juice is then condensed to a syrup which is then evaporated and crystalized. The crystals come out […]

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Sugar, An Origin Story

Sugar is essential for life on Earth. It can be found in nearly all food sources. What is it, where does it come from, and what is it used for. Most of us are familiar with granulated table sugar (sucrose). However, sugar encompasses a wide range of molecules. One of the earliest science lessons we are […]

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Sugar Series

Sugar gets a bad rap, and for good reason. We consume an average of 24 teaspoons of added sugar per day and it is the leading cause of a plethora of health problems including obesity, metabolic disorders, diabetes, and circulatory and heart health. But, is sugar really that bad? Sugars are necessary for our survival […]

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Low glycemic index diet is better for the health: not all calories are created equal

Many people experienced weight re-gain after a big weight loss.  Research shows that only one in six people could maintain even 10 percent of their weight loss long-term. The phenomena remained to be an enigma until researches showed that weight loss often triggers a dramatic decrease on the rate at which people burn calories (i.e., […]

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The Importance of Sugar

“Sugar” is essential for life on Earth. It can be found in nearly all food sources. What is “sugar”, where does it come from, and (this may seem like a strange question to ask) what is it used for. This blog post attempts to answer these questions. What is sugar The term “sugar” is generic. Most of […]

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