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Dr. Connie Wan is the founder and CEO of Seattle Gummy Company (SGC).  Before founding SGC, Dr. Wan served as the CTO for Benemilk, a joint venture by the Raisio Group and Intellectual Ventures (IV), the biggest patent focused private equity fund in the world.  Before joining Benemilk, Dr. Wan led IV’s invention capital investment from assets creation, evaluation and acquisition, IP portfolio strategy and management, technology startup, partnership and joint venture formation, to technology licensing and commercialization.

Diversely experienced in scientific, business and legal fields, Dr. Wan researched novel therapeutics in both academic and industrial labs as a scientist, advised clients from blue-chip pharmaceutical companies to biotech startups as an IP attorney in private practice, and have previously co-founded several companies as a serial entrepreneur.  Dr. Wan holds multiple advanced degrees from various fields including a Bachelor of Sciences in Pharmacy and a Master of Medicine degree from Peking University, both a Masters and a Ph.D. degree from Clark University in organic chemistry, and a J.D. from the University of Washington, School of Law.

An avid blogger and advocate for bringing the vigor of pharmaceutical sciences into the nutraceutical industry, Dr. Wan has a passion for research-based and science-backed health and nutrition solutions.  She has published in numerous scientific journals, is a prolific inventor and is a frequent speaker on topics of science, business, law and cross-cultural business dealings.

Dr. Brenden Carlson is the resident gummy scientist and the Director of Technology at SGC.  Being dubbed as the “walking encyclopedia of polymer chemistry” by his colleagues, Dr. Carlson is uniquely gifted in understanding the polymer properties of various gummy matrices, the interaction between the bio-active ingredients and gummy matrices, and formulating Functional Gummy™ products with targeted performance profiles.  An expert in developing new chemical entities and formulations in organic and poly(carbohydrate) chemistries, Dr. Carlson advised companies such as BASF, Boeing, and Kineta before joining SGC.  Dr. Carlson holds a Ph.D. from the University of Washington in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry and is an adjunct professor at the University of Washington.

Dr. Tai Xie is a member of SGC Advisory Board. Dr. Xie is the founder and CEO of New Jersey based Brightech International (“Brightech”). Brightech was established in 2004 and grows to a full service CRO with over 100 staff members in US and China/Taiwan. Dr. Xie has over 24 years of clinical trial experience in pharmaceutical and CRO environments. Prior to founding the Brightech, he has gathered extensive pharmaceutical industry experience from companies including Arizona Cancer Center, Wyeth (a Pfizer Company), Johnson and Johnson and ImClone System (an Eli Lilly Company) holding positions from Sr. Statistician, Assistant Director and Associate Director. Dr. Xie is an expert in design of oncology trials and clinical data management. He has been helping companies from study design to FDA approvals and was an invited expert by China CFDA for drafting the Guidance for EDC Clinical Trials. He is also an active researcher with number of papers published in distinguished journals. Dr. Xie holds an adjunct assistant professor position at the Biostatistics Department at the School of Public Health of the Rutgers University, is a member of American Statistical Association, Drug Information Association, ASCO, Sino-America Statistical Association and an active journal reviewer for statistical journals.

Mr. Boquan HE (何伯权) is a member of SGC Advisory Board. Widely recognized as a legendary investor in Chinese consumer products with an extraordinary grasp of Chinese consumer psychology and market, Mr. He single-handled created Robust (Le-Bai-Shi), one of the most recognized consumer brands in China.  After selling the Robust Group to Danone, Mr. He moved on investing, founding, or co-founding many successful companies including Blue Nile (, 7 Days Group Holdings Limited (a New York Exchange listed company where he serves as the Chairman of the Board), Noah Holdings Limited, Guangdong Nowaday Investment Co., Ltd., Jinri Investment and HeyTea.  As a SGC advisor, Mr. He will be focusing on advising the company on the China marketing, sales and expansion strategy.


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