Mocca Shots Sample Pack

Dutch chocolate, salted caramel, and mint chocolate
Delicious gummies that work 5x faster than coffee and without the jitters!

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Why Mocca Shots?

Faster Than Coffee Without The Jitters

Works 5x faster than coffee at 1/2 the price. Plus no jitters!

Enhances Cognitive Performance

Clean, focused energy through natural caffeine and essential vitamins.

Great Taste

Real and natural ingredients. It tastes as good as it functions.

My husband and I love these gummies. They are just enough without making you jittery. I take them every afternoon to get me through my mid day slump. Also love them before a workout or before driving any long distance!! You’ve found a long term customer here! – Carly C.

Obsessed with these gummies. They are the perfect afternoon pick me up that I need without any jitters! Try them, you’ll love them too! – Catie P. 

I was initially skeptical, but was quickly impressed. What I love about these mocha shots is that it’s like portable caffeine. No need for energy drinks or coffee. I just put them in my bag or even my pocket and I’m good to go. For what they do, I also have to say I’m satisfied with the taste. Dutch chocolate is my favorite. – Alec M.