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Seattle Beauty® Tip: clear skin with lotus leaf

Puffiness of the face is caused by accumulation of fluids on the face. The condition makes your face to appear more rounded and inflamed. There are varieties of causes for puffy face. Some drugs can lead to water retention in the body and cause puffiness, such as steroids, aspirin, birth control pills, antidepressants, blood pressure […]

Seattle Beauty® Tip: Beautify from within

Skin is the biggest organ in our body. It functions as a barrier protecting the body from harmful external environment factors such as mechanical damage, noxious substances, microorganism invasion, and radiation. In addition, the skin controls the water loss from the body and regulates body temperature. Appearance of the skin is primarily determined by the […]

Seattle Beauty® Tip: Ginseng Pearl powder mask

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Mix together ginseng powder (1g), pearl powder (2g), sandalwood powder (2g), with proper amount of coconut milk (1ml) and honey to make a spreadable paste.  To make the paste more adhesive to the skin, sprinkle a small amount of alginate or collagen powder, microwave the mixture for 10 seconds and stir vigorously. Spread the paste […]

Seattle Beauty® Tip: Angelica ginseng anti-aging mask

Mix together an equal amount of dry powder of angelica (Danggui), ginseng, Salvia miltiorrhiza (Dansheng), dwarf lilyturf tuber (Maidong), and Panax (Sanqi) to provide a herbal mix. All herbs are available in Chinese grocery stores. Angelica and ginseng are essential for the recipes.   Other herbs are optional. Mix an equal amount of honey, glycerol and […]

Seattle Beauty® Tip: Ginseng toner for a wrinkle free skin


Cut Ginseng into thin slices. Mix glycerol with equal amount of water to make a 50% glycerol. Soak Ginseng in 50% of glycerol for 10 days to provide a ginseng enriched glycerol stock. To make a toner, dilute the ginseng glycerol with flower water at 7 parts of flower water with 3 parts of ginseng […]

Seattle Beauty® Tip: top ranked skincare herbs


  Through thousands years of herbal use, Chinese herbal doctors have accumulated precious experiences on skincare herbs. For example, the “Compendium of Materia Medica” alone has listed more than 165 herbs for beauty and skincare purpose. In this post, I am introducing you to six most common and well-recognized skincare herbs. Any of these herbs […]

Seattle Beauty® Tip: herbal mask for acne-prone skin

Peeled horse chestnut 25 g, butter 2 g, beewax 1g, avocado oil 20 g, Glycerol 7g, plantain seeds 0.8 g.   Add water to bring the total mixture to100 grams. Pulverize the mixture with a blender to make a paste with a soft consistency. Plantain seeds are a well-known Chinese herb. The popularity of the herb […]

Seattle Beauty® Tip: achieve a healthy and rosy complexion with longan fruit

Longan fruit is a common Chinese herb prescribed to women for its blood warming and beautifying effect. The fresh fruit is juicy and sweet with a round black shiny seed inside surrounded by white succulent pulp. Because the fruit resembles the eye of legendary dragon, hence the fruit is named “Dragon’s eye” in China. Dried […]

Seattle Beauty® Tip: try healthy and all natural plant dye for stunningly beautiful hair


Back in college years, I went through a “red hair” phase – I was fascinated by my friend’s warm red hair gleaming beautifully in the sunlight and had decided to dye my naturally black hair to red.  That was the first time I used a chemical dye – I could still remember the chocking chemical […]

Seattle Beauty® Tip: Moisturizing and Skin Brightening Herbs

In today’s blog, let’s look at the following top ranked moisturizing and skin brightening herbs from Chinese herbal medicine. All of these herbs have been extensively used in China both for medicinal applications and as everyday food items. You should be able to find these herbs in your local Asian grocery stores or a number […]