Connie Wan

Connie is the founder and CEO of Seattle Gummy Company. She is an avid blogger, and enjoys yoga and running.

Brenden Carlson

Brenden is the lead scientist and gummyologist of Seattle Gummy Company. He is the Director of Technology. He has two pet hermit crabs.

Kathy Lynnn

Kathy is the Director of Finance and Operations at Seattle Gummy Company. She has a daughter named Kasey and an awesome puppy named Cybill.

Brad Fitch

Brad is the Director of Marketing and Sales at Seattle Gummy Company. He enjoys mountain biking, camping, and spending time with his family.

Benjamin Rotholtz

Benjamin is the Marketing Specialist. He enjoys playing with his puppy Dax, skiing, and road biking.

Harrison Llapitan

Harrison is the Office Coordinator. He is world-reknowned as the inventor of the Harrison Dance