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  • Just… why?
    • Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) started from a desire for something better; we wanted gummy nutraceuticals, gummy pharmaceuticals, and gummy supplements that were founded on hard-science, rather than voodoo and wizardry. Combined with a fascination of nitroglycerin absorption, SGC started to develop a new line of gummy products.


  • What do you do?
    • We make gummies! Duh! Just kidding; more specifically, we make gummies that are based on hard-science and solve a real problem. Our founder and CEO is a doctor and has her PhD in Organic Chemistry—she saw so many supplement/nutraceutical products on the market that were simply snake-oil. Misinformation about these products was everywhere, and it had to stop. Combined with our Gummy Scientist, Brenden Carlson, they created the products you now see.


  • Why gummies?
    • During (and after) medical school, Dr. Connie Wan was fascinated with the properties of nitroglycerin, which is an extremely fast-acting heart medication. It’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucosal membrane. Our gummies work the same way, unlike traditional tablets and capsules, gummies are highly effective at delivering bioactive compounds to the blood for quick absorption and fast action.


  • Are they safe?
    • 100% – we make sure every product that we put on the market is completely safe and delicious!


  • Where can I buy the products?
    • Right now, there are only a few stores where you can actually buy the product. We’re busily working on getting the product into more stores, and if you know someone/are someone who wants to carry the product, feel free to contact us. You also can buy the product online. Right here… go look!


  • How long have you been around?
    • We started in January of 2017


  • What’s the difference from other companies?
    • Every single product that we produce is based on scientific research. We frequently post to our blog where we discuss that research and look for new products.