What Are Gummies for Energy?

Gummies for energy are gummy candies with added ingredients, usually nutritional supplements like herbs, vitamins, or functional foods, that boost energy. Some energy gummies, like the Mocca Shot, address mental energy and focus with its nootropic (brain-boosting) ingredients. 

Most energy gummies are made by mixing caffeine into a simple gummy candy. Seattle Gummy uses its patented gummy technology to pack in ingredients at the molecular level without impacting taste. (Caffeine by itself is quite bitter.) This allows them to use more helpful ingredients that give you energy, giving the Mocca Shot quite a punch.

How Do Gummies for Energy Work?

It’s straightforward; eat an energy gummy or two when you need to wake up or need an energy boost during the day. When you eat a gummy, your mouth’s thin skin can absorb its ingredients almost immediately. There is an extensive network of small blood vessels in the skin of your mouth, which allows ingredients like caffeine to make it to your bloodstream without being digested. Liquid caffeine sources need to be digested before their caffeine enters your bloodstream.

How to Use Gummies for Energy?

  1. When you wake up in the morning. This is especially useful for people who use the snooze button a little too much.
  2. Before a difficult meeting, boost your brain and body. If caffeine makes you jittery, try eating part of an energy gummy. You’ll get the right amount of energy, focus, and clarity.
  3. Eat a Mocca Shot or two before you work out. Or, eat a couple so you want to work out. Caffeine gives you mental and physical energy and reduces pain before and after a workout.
  4. Energy gummies were made for the mid-afternoon slump. Perk yourself up and finish your work day with a flourish.
  5. After lunch is an excellent time for an energy gummy. The caffeine will lift you out of the digestion sleepies and won’t take as long to work as a cup of coffee or tea.

Benefits of Gummies for Energy

Here are some benefits of the Seattle Gummy’s famous Mocca Shots!

  1. Mocca Shots are ready whenever and wherever you need energy. Keep a couple of pouches in your purse, gym bag, pocket, or car, and they’ll keep their shape no matter how hot it gets. It’s just like having a cup of coffee in your pocket!
  2. Take advantage of the potent Chinese herb ginkgo biloba. Gingko biloba is a powerful antioxidant and protects your cardiovascular system. It also improves circulation, especially to the brain. That means more oxygen and nutrients for your body’s most important organ. Many people use ginkgo biloba to improve memory, mood, and focus. 
  3. B vitamins help your body make energy and feed your brain. The B vitamins in a Mocca Shot help improve energy and mental and physical performance.
  4. Mocca Shots also use the potent antioxidants in Dutch cocoa to fend off fatigue and make happy hormones. 
  5. Find more of the energy-boosting ingredients that you want in the Mocca Shot. With Seattle Gummy’s patented gummy technology, they can add more helpful ingredients to their Mocca Shots, giving it the highest caffeine payload compared to other energy gummies. 

Best Gummies for Energy

Formulated to help you get ____ done, Seattle Gummy’s Mocca Shots are made here in the US. They are also gluten-free and made with vegan and non-GMO ingredients. Mocca Shots are energy you can trust. Shop the whole line of Mocca Shot flavors, including sugar-free dark chocolate strawberry. Or, try the variety box with Dutch chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate orange, and dark chocolate raspberry flavors.