What are Gummies for Sleep?

Most sleep gummies are small candies (some are sugar-free) that have added sleep aid ingredients. Since most gummies are simply candies with added ingredients, there is a limit to how much “payload” a regular sleep gummy can have. Seattle Gummy Company has developed gummy technology to add much higher ingredient payloads to their gummies, including their Slumber Shot sleep gummy. The Slumber Shot has more herbal sleep aids than the average gummy, making it more potent and able to help you sleep. 

How Do Gummies for Sleep Work?

Sleep gummies are taken before bed to help you sleep. One special thing about gummies is that they start digesting in the mouth. When you chew, you mix the gummy with saliva and move it around your mouth. The thin skin of your mouth is full of blood vessels that start to absorb your sleep gummy while you chew. Your sleep gummy’s ingredients will take effect in just a few minutes. Sleep gummies are an easy and tasty way to support healthy sleep. 

How Can I Use Gummies for Sleep?

Timing your sleep gummy is easy. Since sleep gummies start digesting in your mouth while you chew, your body will absorb ingredients within minutes! Capsules or pills need to be digested before you feel their effects, requiring them to be taken well before bed. And, if your sleep gummy is sugar-free, you can eat it in bed after you’ve brushed your teeth. Certain sugar alcohols like maltitol actually support oral health by fighting off tooth decay-causing bacteria. Try a sleep gummy an hour or so before bed if you have trouble sleeping. It will help make you physically sleepy. Or you can take it when you start your bedtime routine. 

What are the benefits of Using Sleep Gummies?

  1. The benefits of natural sleep aids cannot be overstated. Medications that help you sleep often have serious side effects or can’t be used long-term. Herbs like valerian root or jujube seed are safe to take and help the body to sleep naturally. They are effective but gentle and don’t have side effects. Sleep is essential for health and having energy the following day. Health concerns like mental health issues and weight loss are all supported by a good night’s sleep.

  2. Gummies for sleep are easy to take! No swallowing pills, taking a smelly tincture, or needing to use the bathroom after a mug of tea. Not only are gummies easy to take, but they are also fun! You’re essentially eating a tiny candy before bed; when your sleep aid is a treat, it’s easy to remember to take each night. 

What are the Best Gummies for Sleep?

Seattle Gummy Company formulates its gummies based on scientific information and the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine. This results in a powerful yet gentle sleep gummy, the Slumber Shot.

  1. The Slumber Shot is sugar-free! You could even take it after brushing your teeth; no need to get out of bed again after eating one. 
  2. With its proprietary gummy technology, Seattle Gummy can pack more useful ingredients in its gummies. The Slumber Shot has 16 x more valerian root than other sleep gummies. Valerian root is a powerful yet safe sedative herb that relaxes the body and helps gently stop a swirling mind. 
  3. Jujube seed is an effective, gentle sleep aid. It’s a Chinese herb and isn’t widely used in the west. With Seattle Gummy, you can access this safe yet strong sleep aid!
  4. A small dose of melatonin helps to tell your body that it’s time to rest.

Make your next night’s sleep a restful success with the Slumber Shot from Seattle Gummy.