What we do:

Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) was founded to bridge the gap between pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Gummies are more than a sneaky way to get kids (and adults) to take their vitamins. SGC’s Functional Gummies® surpass traditional gummy supplements by tapping into the pharmacological understanding of mucosal drug delivery, and are enhanced by combining herbal medicine with modern dietary nutritional science. We refer to our gummies as “functional” because they are formulated for optimal health based on credible scientific research.

Seattle Gummy Company is an R&D focused developer and manufacturer of gummy nutraceuticals and gummy pharmaceuticals. By combining herbal medicine with modern dietary science, SGC specializes in formulating Functional Gummy® products based on comprehensive research and scientifically proven results.

Who we are:

Dr. Connie Wan is the founder and CEO of Seattle Gummy Company (SGC).  Before founding SGC, Dr. Wan served as the CTO for Benemilk, a joint venture by the Raisio Group and Intellectual Ventures (IV), the biggest patent focused private equity fund in the world.  Before joining Benemilk, Dr. Wan led IV’s invention capital investment from assets creation, evaluation and acquisition, IP portfolio strategy and management, technology startup, partnership and joint venture formation, to technology licensing and commercialization.

Diversely experienced in scientific, business and legal fields, Dr. Wan researched novel therapeutics in both academic and industrial labs as a scientist, advised clients from blue-chip pharmaceutical companies to biotech startups as an IP attorney in private practice, and have previously co-founded several companies as a serial entrepreneur.  Dr. Wan holds multiple advanced degrees from various fields including degrees from Peking University in medicine, both a Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Clark University in organic chemistry, and a J.D. from the University of Washington, School of Law.

An avid blogger and advocate for bringing the vigor of pharmaceutical sciences into the nutraceutical industry, Dr. Wan has a passion for research-based and science-backed health and nutrition solutions.  She has published in numerous scientific journals, is a prolific inventor and is a frequent speaker on topics of science, business, law and cross-cultural business dealings.

Dr. Brenden Carlson is the resident gummy scientist and the Director of Technology at SGC.  Being dubbed as the “walking encyclopedia of polymer chemistry” by his colleagues, Dr. Carlson is uniquely gifted in understanding the polymer properties of various gummy matrices, the interaction between the bio-active ingredients and gummy matrices, and formulating Functional Gummy™ products with targeted performance profiles.  An expert in developing new chemical entities and formulations in organic and poly(carbohydrate) chemistries, Dr. Carlson advised companies such as BASF, Boeing, and Kineta before joining SGC.  Dr. Carlson holds a Ph.D. from the University of Washington in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry and is an adjunct professor at the University of Washington.

Kathy Lynn is the Director of Finance and Operations. Ms. Lynn makes everything work in SGC. She runs operation from ingredients sourcing, product logistics, HR, finance management to office operation. Ms. Lynn brings to SGC over 30 years of experiences in accounting and operations from large Fortune 100 companies, small and medium sized entities to tech startups. As the main driver in turning the business planning into reality, Ms. Lynn runs an effective and efficient operation. A fearless negotiator, Ms. Lynn has built a reliable and robust SGC’s supply chain from ingredients sourcing, to label and packaging and to products production while optimizing the cost and quality. Always budget conscious, Ms. Lynn managed SGC’s finance by tapping heavily into her experiences in managing non-profit organizations — every penny counts and always negotiate. A resourceful manager, Ms. Lynn runs a lean operation while making sure that resources are always available to support and maximize each team’s success. Ms. Lynn holds an MBA from University of Washington.

Brad Fitch is the Director of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Fitch brings over ten years experience as a creative business strategist skilled at evaluating new growth opportunities, best-in-class marketing models, and turning insights into action. From Intellectual Ventures to tech start-ups and to Microsoft, he is adept at industry, market, and product segment analysis, marketing strategy and sales model development, and has a track record of synthesizing disparate sources of data to inform sales and marketing decisions, and translating complex consumer problems into actionable steps that drive product development. Always data driven and steeped in the frameworks and methodology of human centered design, Mr. Fitch leads SGC’s marketing strategy by researching, testing and implementing agile and adaptive marketing models to meet the needs of the customer and expedite sales and revenue generation. Mr. Fitch holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a MBA from the University of Washington.

Kelly Wei is the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Chinese market. A marketing veteran from the China Central Television (www.cctv.com), Ms. Wei joined SGC from her post as the Marketing Director with the Honor Sport Marketing & Consulting Co. Ltd., a Chinese sports event agency. Before that, Ms. Wei served as the Account Manager with the China Central Television (CCTV), the predominant television broadcaster in China. At CCTV, Ms. Wei was in charge of the client relationship, sponsorship and advertisement sales. With both a Bachelor’s Degree and a MBA in Accounting and Finance, Ms. Wei started her career as a Senior Associate with the international accounting firm, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Ltd. focusing on tax and business advisory reports. Since joined SGC, Ms. Wei is instrumental in helping the SGC (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd., a wholly owned Chinese subsidiary by SGC, gaining full operational permits from the Chinese government. A native Chinese speaker educated in Singapore, New Zealand and United States and fluent in both English and Chinese, Ms. Wei is uniquely qualified to lead SGC’s expansion into Chinese market.