• CEO, Dr. Connie Wan, is bewildered that we have self-driving cars, yet we still use technology from a hundred years ago to deliver drugs into the body.
  • Many bioactive ingredients taste terrible, which is why they are normally administered via pill or tablet.
  • Pills are inefficient: the compounds can be destroyed in the stomach, and/or filtered by the liver and they take time to be absorbed by the body.
  • SGC’s mission is to develop a better method of delivering active ingredients to the body.
  • Gummies are the perfect format because they are chewed and dissolve slowly, the prolonged contact to oral mucosa allows for quick absorption and fast action.
  • SGC’s scientists have developed key technologies that isolate the unpleasant taste of these compounds while improving their absorption and bioavailability.

Our patented formulations are the fastest way to get active compounds into the body



Seattle Gummy Company is a leading developer and manufacturer of gummy-based nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. The company has built key technology around drug delivery, API-complexing, controlled-release carbohydrates, and OTC & prescription medications.


SGCs gummy format is designed to deliver bioactive compounds fast and effectively through oral absorption when chewed. The tissues of the mouth are thin with ample blood supply, which means active ingredients are absorbed directly to the blood stream and circulated quickly through the body.


SGCs API complexing technology combines drug actives in the into a gummy matrix with the desired texture, stability, solubility and taste profile. As a result, SGC scientists are able to isolate the unpleasant taste of active compounds while improving their absorption and bioavailability.


Not only is SGC able to fit more active ingredients into a gummy than any other manufacturer, each product leverages the power of pairing active ingredients for maximum impact. Well versed in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and pharmaceutical science, CEO Connie Wan formulates each product with ingredients that work synergistically for optimal performance.