What sets SGC apart?

Our Story

Dr. Connie Wan is no different than any other parent who has struggled to get a little kid to take medication during a bout of sickness. She fumbled with syringes and syrups and worried whether the proper measurements had been made and dosages consumed.

A better way…

Not satisfied with the way we administer medications, Connie sought to find a better way. After seeing gummy vitamins during a visit to her local Costco, it clicked: “Gummy has been a candy formulation for centuries, this is a great formulation for drugs.'”

Gummies are the perfect format because as they are chewed and dissolve slowly in the mouth the compounds absorb quickly through the oral mucosa rather than getting destroyed in the stomach or filtered out by the liver like traditional pills, tablets, and syrups.

Performance Gummies

We quickly realized the technology we developed for pharmaceutical gummies could be adapted for non-medical performance needs. As a result, we launched our functional gummy business with three performance categories: Energy, Sports, and Wellness. Whether you need a quick energy boost (Mocca Shots), maximize your training (Energon Qube), or improve your immunity and complexion (Wellness), our gummy formulations contain the highest concentrations of active compounds available.


Why hasn't it been done before?

  1. Active compounds and medications taste terrible. Traditional gummy vitamins are made by simply adding vitamins to gummy candy. However, high concentrations of active compounds can’t be masked with sugar alone.
  2. The solution requires a deep understanding of bio- and polymer chemistry and pharmaceutical science. SGC’s scientists developed Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) complexing technology that isolates the unpleasant taste of compounds while improving absorption and bioavailability.

What sets SGC apart?

Our patented formulations are the fastest way to get active compounds into the body.

Company Timeline

JUL 2016

Seattle Gummy Company was founded as a Washington state C-corp

Nov 2016

Series Pre-A closed

Jan 2017

Moved into first office space and the company started operation

Jun 2018

Series A closed

Dec 2019

Functional Gummy Company was incorporated to focus on the commercialization of functional gummy products

Oct 2020

SGC received the first IND approval for a gummy drug from the FDA