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What are Gummies for Workouts

Workout gummies are gummies with added, helpful ingredients that support working out. These delicious gummies may give your body energy and fuel for a workout and help it recover afterward. Workout gummies include energy gummies, pre-workout gummies, and post-workout gummies. Our gummies deliver large, potent, and absorbable doses of helpful vitamins and herbs so you can give your body the support it needs

How Do Gummies for Workouts Work?

Workout gummies have beneficial ingredients like caffeine, B vitamins, and branch-chain amino acids (BCAA). Each workout gummy is designed to do a specific job, like help give you mental and physical energy or help muscle soreness and growth. You will start absorbing their ingredients while chewing, which means you’ll feel your workout gummies in minutes

How to Use Gummies for Workouts

  1. Take your pre-workout and energy gummies before your workout and get your body energized and ready to go.
  2. Take your pre-workout and energy gummies when you start working out; gummies begin to work very quickly.
  3. Take your energy and post-workout gummies throughout a long workout to replenish energy stores.
  4. Take energy and post-workout gummies after your workout to support energy levels and help your body recover.

What are the Advantages of Using Gummies for Workouts?

  1. Gummies for workouts are easy to digest, and our pre-workout gummies have prebiotics (food for healthy gut bacteria). Not only does this make our gummies easy to absorb, but they also may not upset your stomach or give you “gut rot” like many pre-workout drinks and gels.
  2. Gummies for workouts are easy and convenient to take. Our non-melting formula means you can leave them in your car, gym bag, or purse and forget about them because they’ll be ready when you need them.
  3. There’s no mess or prep with workout gummies. Gels can be messy; workout gummies are easy and clean to take. And there’s no need to time a pre-workout drink or wash out a shaker bottle; pop your gummies before your workout, and you’re ready to go. 

Best Gummies for Workouts

The best gummies for workouts come from us at Seattle Gummy Company (SGC)! We make, high-quality, plant-based workout gummies so you can always give your body the best. Check out our complete line of workout gummies. 

1. Mocca Shots

Energize before, during, or after your workout with a delicious Mocca Shot energy gummy. One gummy equals a cup of coffee…without the jitters! The potent nootropics in this gummy work together to help provide mental clarity, focus, and steady, clean energy. Our caffeine gummies are supported by nootropics like B vitamins, Chinese herb ginkgo biloba, and Dutch cocoa.

2. Energon Qube Power-Up Pre-Workout Gummy

Give yourself the fuel you need for a great workout with the mix of simple and complex carbohydrates in the Power-Up gummy. This mixture may help give your body immediate energy and an ongoing fuel source as you work out and use muscle glycogen. Fuel your mental and physical performance with B vitamins. The herb ginseng may provide endurance for the most grueling sets, and BCAA may help prevent sore muscles. 

3. Recover Post-Workout Gummy

Nothing prevents a next workout like sore muscles and low energy. With the Recover post-workout gummy, you can support your body by helping fill up its energy stores, soothing muscle soreness, and promoting new muscle growth. This gummy helps you make the most out of your workout and sets you up for the next one with simple carbohydrates, BCAA, and ginger root. 

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