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Energon Qube Workout Supplement Gummies

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What are Gummies for Anxiety?

Gummies for anxiety are gummy candies with added vitamins, herbs, or functional foods that reduce stress, boost mood and help with anxiety. They are nutritional supplements in gummy form, making them appealing and easy to take. Gummies for anxiety are easier to take than pills, capsules, or tinctures, which makes them more effective and accessible. 

How Do Gummies for Anxiety Work?

SGC’s gummies for anxiety have effective doses of helpful herbs and vitamins like ginger, B vitamins, turmeric, and ginkgo biloba. These herbs have different effects on your body which help to manage stress levels, support a good mood, and may help to reduce anxiety.

  1. Ginger
  2. Turmeric
  3. Ginkgo biloba
  4. B vitamins
  5. Dutch cocoa
  6. Valerian root
  7. Jujube seed

How Can I Use Gummies for Anxiety?

Use them as part of your daily routine. Like a multivitamin, you can take a gummy with ingredients that support a healthy mood and response to stress every day. That gives your body a steady dose of mood-boosting herbs, vitamins, and functional foods. Or you can use gummies as needed for quick relief if you’re experiencing anxiety in the moment.

What are the Advantages of Using Gummies for Anxiety?

1. Gummies are easy to take

Gummies travel well; pop a pouch in your bag, pocket, or car. SGC’s gummies are made with a special non-melting formula, so they’ll stay deliciously chewy no matter the weather. Taking gummies for anxiety is as easy as opening a pouch and eating candy. Chew thoroughly, and you’re good to go. You can’t plan when anxiety will crop up, but you can keep gummies for anxiety close at hand.

2. Gummies work quickly

Gummy ingredients start to absorb as you chew. There is an extensive network of blood vessels in your mouth. The thin skin lining your mouth, called the mucosal lining, can easily and quickly absorb the gummy ingredients directly into your bloodstream, bypassing digestion. 

3. Gummies have a large payload

SGC gummies are made with special gummy technology that lets them pack in ingredients at the molecular level. That’s why, across the board, their gummies have the highest doses of effective ingredients. (Their energy gummies have the most caffeine, their sleep gummies have the most valerian root, etc.) That’s because they’re doing something other gummy companies can’t do: making a high-dose gummy that tastes good. So, with SGC anxiety gummies, you know you’re getting an effective dose.

4. Gummy dosage is easy to adjust

And, with SGC gummies, it’s easy to eat part of the gummy and save the rest for later. SGC’s energy gummy with caffeine can also help with stress, mood, and anxiety. If you can only tolerate low doses of caffeine but still want the benefits of its herbs and vitamins (plus a little energy), try eating half of a Mocca Shot. Or, if you need more of an anxiety gummy, eat one and a half gummies. SGC’s gummies come in resealable pouches, so you can easily eat part of a gummy and save the rest for later. 

What are the Best Gummies for Anxiety?

1. Mocca Shots

Mocca Shots are energy gummies that use herbs and vitamins to enhance mental function and boost mood. While these gummies contain caffeine, they also contain brain-supporting herb ginkgo biloba, functional food Dutch cocoa, and B vitamins. If part of your anxiety treatment is to avoid all caffeine, give these gummies a pass and consider trying ginkgo biloba, Dutch cocoa, and B vitamins on their own. But, if you do use caffeine, even in small amounts, consider trying Mocca Shots. The caffeine, Dutch cocoa, and ginkgo biloba all work together to support the brain through increased circulation and antioxidant activity. B vitamins are commonly recognized as a key piece of the nutritional treatment of anxiety. And chocolate is well known to boost your mood. Mocca Shots do more than boost your energy; they support a healthy brain, a good mood, and better stress management.  

2. Golden Glow

These delicious gummies will help you manage stress and anxiety, all while supporting your digestion and giving you glowing skin! Golden Glow gummies contain an optimal dosage of ginger root and turmeric root, all in a delicious gummy package. One of the main anti-inflammatory active components of turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin is notoriously difficult for your body to absorb through the digestive tract. The turmeric in SGC’s Golden Glow gummy is easily absorbed and readily available for your body to use. And combining turmeric with ginger enhances turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties. Together they work to improve circulation and support each other’s antioxidant actions. 

3. Slumber Shot

Use the Slumber Shot to help you get good sleep, which is the foundation of a healthy mood. Valerian root is excellent for relieving stress and anxiety by sedating the nervous system. The Slumber Shot also contains the Chinese herb jujube seed, a relaxing herb that helps support healthy sleep. While this gummy also contains melatonin, if you are having acute anxiety or an anxiety attack, this gummy, or part of one, could be very helpful. However, taking it at night can help support your mood during the day.

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