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Gummies are the perfect format because as they are chewed and dissolve slowly in the mouth the compounds absorb quickly through the oral mucosa rather than getting destroyed in the stomach or filtered out by the liver like traditional pills, tablets, and syrups.

While developing our pharmaceutical gummies, we quickly realized this technology could be used for non-medical performance needs. As a result, we launched our functional gummy business under three health categories: Energy, Sports, and Wellness. Whether you need a quick energy boost (Mocca Shots), maximize your training (Energon Qube), or improve your immunity and complexion (Wellness), our gummy formulations contain the highest concentrations of active compounds available.

Customer Reviews


Really Delicious!

I ordered the sampler 3 pack to see how these gummies tasted. I am really surprised at how good they taste. I liked them so much I set up a subscription.

Kerry B.


Effective with no crash

All flavors are delicious! The coffee to additional flavor is subtle, which makes eating the gummy easy. Best of all, the caffeine really works! Personally, I’m typically not sensitive to caffeine whatsoever and don’t usually feel the caffeine from a normal cup of coffee but these gummies really get it and I love them! All the energy with zero crash.



Never Leave Home Without Them!

Never leave home without them! A friend of mine gave me a pack and was raving about them. I didn’t think much of it until I was falling asleep at the wheel on a recent work trip. I tried the mocca shots and was INSTANTLY AWAKE! Not only that, they actually taste really good! Now I keep a pack with me at all times



The Best

One of, if not, the best energy products out there and heaven knows, I’ve tried plenty!



I love these products!

The energy gummies are delicious. They’re the best I’ve tasted, and I’ve tried a lot of different ones. Also, their customer service is great.

Karen Bee


Better than expected!

Didn’t know what to expect when I ordered these, but they were much much better than I’d anticipated! NO jitters or upset stomach, and the flavors were good. Will order again!