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How Do Pre-Workout Gummies Work?

Pre-Workout gummies give your muscles energy in the form of easily absorbed carbohydrates. Your muscles have a limited store of energy. When that stored energy runs out, your muscles need quick access to a new fuel source. Taking a pre-workout gummy gives your muscles that new fuel source, so you can overcome or avoid hitting a wall and make the most of every workout.

How to Use Pre-Workout Gummies

Take pre-workout gummies 0-30 minutes before your workout, and chew thoroughly. If you exercise longer than an hour, eat more pre-workout gummies every 60 minutes for steady energy and faster recovery.

What are the Advantages of Using Pre-Workout Gummies?

1. When you’re ready to exercise, you need a pre-workout that acts fast! No one wants to wait until their pre-workout digests or worry about timing a shaker bottle before the gym. Pre-workout gummies start releasing their ingredients while you chew, so the vascular skin of your mouth can quickly absorb them into your bloodstream. Other pre-workouts must be digested before you can absorb them in your small intestine. Why wait when you can take a gummy? Athletes love how quickly pre-workout gummies work!

2. Our pre-workout gummies are specially formulated to give your body exactly what it needs in an easy-to-digest form. A common side effect of pre-workouts is gut rot, especially if you’re taking them on an empty stomach. With our supportive formulas and quick-dissolving gummies, you’ll always feel in top form.

3. Pre-workout gummies are easy and convenient to use! Our unique, non-melting formula means our gummies will keep their delicious shapes even in pockets, hot cars, or gym bags. Say goodbye to messy powders and washing shaker bottles when you choose gummies.

Best Pre-Workout Gummies

Power-Up Performance Gummies

Support your best performance every time you take a Power-Up gummy. This delicious, fast-acting pre-workout gummy has an optimal mix of high and low glycemic sugars, fueling you for intense training and boosting your endurance over the long haul. Controlled-release caffeine keeps your physical and mental energy steady, while a vitamin B complex helps your performance. Chinese herb ginseng boosts stamina, while branch chain amino acids (BCAA) reduce muscle soreness.

HydraFuel Hydration Gummies

These potent, fast-acting electrolyte gummies are the world’s first fuel + electrolyte gummies. Fuel (glucose) does more than give your muscles quick energy; it helps your body absorb sodium and water in an optimal ratio. HydraFuel’s highly bioavailable mix of electrolytes boosts efficient hydration, helping you perform your best. Effective, fast hydration is essential for beating fatigue and supporting recovery. Hydration is vital for any activity in the sun and heat—especially exercise. Stay safe and feel your best with the HydraFuel electrolyte gummy!

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