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Brand Representatives are:

Brand Focused

  • Support the entire brand representation and sales process within your personal network and local area
  • Help your friends, buddies, co-workers, teammates, roommates, followers, contacts and other individuals and companies within your network experience SGC’s Functional Gummy Delivery System (FGDS).
  • Build a brand representation plan and ensure a strong brand presence within your network including campus, sports, social, neighborhood and social groups
  • Build brand awareness via social network sharing of relevant SGC content

Product Focused

  • Act as an SGC ambassador at all times: always professional and courteous
  • Participate in company trainings on product, experiences and user stories
  • Understand the science and WHY SGC delivery system is unique and better than its competitors

Sales and Marketing Focused

  • Adhere to event/activity/training guidelines to ensure brand consistency
  • Support sales and marketing to provide customer feedback and sales trends

We are a fast-growing technology focused company with a line-up of amazing brands and products spanning energy, sports nutrition, beauty, and medicine. Start with this commission-based opportunity. If you are not afraid of the hard-work, you will be richly rewarded both monetarily and with tremendous future growth opportunities.

Cost of enrollment (materials and technology costs): $49.99

What you get:

  • Access to the SGC compensation plan 
  • 2 boxes of product ($66 value) 
  • Product brochure 
  • How to sell training program 
  • Online training  

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