Seattle Gummy Ambassador program

These are just the best! They not only give me energy without the effects of too much caffeine but they also give me more focus and curb my appetite. Perfect for when you need quick energy and don’t have time to drink coffee or energy drinks.

– John Olson

Really delicious! I ordered the sampler 3 pack to see how these gummies tasted. I am really surprised at how good they taste. I liked them so much I set up a subscription.

– Kerry B

Great source of energy and fuel when you need it the most! I absolutely love these Mocha Shots!

– James Baxter

Energy on demand

The caffeine in these tasty energy chews completely absorbs within minutes so you won’t miss a beat. Our blend of caffeine and herbal nootropics helps boost energy without jittery side-effects so you can focus fast and GET          DONE

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