Natural Energy Supplements: How to Boost Your Energy Naturally This Summer

Boost Your Energy Naturally

Summer is the season for outdoor fun and play. But what if your energy levels are low? Low energy can make accomplishing the necessary things each day a challenge, to say nothing of having some juice leftover to have fun. If you’re dealing with low energy this summer, keep reading because we will discuss some natural energy boosters.

What Can I Take Naturally for Energy?

There are many options when it comes to natural energy supplements. You can feel energized and able to enjoy life. In addition to looking at core life habits like sleep and diet, there are many natural energy boosters available. Here’s a list of natural things you can take for more energy.

  1. Caffeine
  2. B Vitamins
  3. Ginkgo Biloba
  4. Cocoa
  5. Ginger
  6. Turmeric
  7. Ginseng
  8. Complementary carbohydrates

You can find these natural energy boosters in many forms, including foods, drinks, and supplements like gummies. Gummies are especially helpful since they are very easy to take (no swallowing pills or prepping tea) and they start absorbing quickly. 

3 Natural Energy Supplements To Keep You Energized This Summer

1. Mocca Shots

At Seattle Gummy, we want to help you get ____ done! And that’s why we’ve formulated the Mocca Shot energy supplement full of organic caffeine, potent herbs, and vitamins. Our Mocca Shots come two to a pouch, so it’s easy to decide how much energy you need. You can even eat part of a gummy and save the rest for later in its resealable pouch. Whether you need a serious boost or just a little support, at 100mg of organic caffeine per gummy, we’ve got you covered with 200 mg of caffeine per pouch. And you’ll start feeling the energy in just a few minutes. Because a Mocca Shot is chewed, its ingredients will start absorbing in your mouth while you chew. No more waiting for your coffee to kick in! In addition to caffeine, Mocca Shots have:


a. B Vitamin complex for better, steady energy. B vitamins feed your brain and nervous system and help your body produce energy. Our Mocca Shots provide a B complex because B vitamins work better together.


b. Cocoa powder provides powerful antioxidants and significantly impacts your brain. Studies have found that it may be neuroprotective while supporting healthy cognition or brain function.


c. Last but certainly not least in our Mocca Shot ingredients is the Chinese herb ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba is a prized herb used to support brain and circulation health for thousands of years, or at least since 2800 BC. Ginkgo is used to support memory and brain function and also increases circulation to the cardiovascular system. Both of these effects are used to boost mental and physical energy.

2. Energon Qube

Are you getting active this summer? The Energon Qube works excellent with a Mocca Shot to give you mental and physical energy during your next physical activity. Designed 

for before workouts, the Energon Qube is great before your next swim or hike or any other summertime fun. With organic caffeine for energy, and the potent herb ginseng, which is thought to enhance endurance and stamina. Caffeine and ginseng are combined with complementary controlled release carbohydrates, giving you a steady stream of quickly available energy while running around. Top that off with some BCCA, and you’ll be feeling good after your workout or activity.


3. Golden Glow Turmeric and Ginger shot

Turmeric and ginger have an almost endless list of benefits. Separately, they can help improve energy levels, and together they are a synergistic powerhouse. Turmeric may support healthy blood sugar levels, as found in this study about curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) and diabetes. However, people without diabetes can benefit from this side of turmeric. When our blood sugar levels stay more regular, without spiking often, we have steadier energy.


Additionally, ginger has been studied for its potential to improve blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes. So, if you feel tired after eating, try a Golden Glow gummy before or after you eat for more stable blood sugar and energy levels. But wait, there’s more! Turmeric and especially ginger are both potent digestive aids and help your body break down your food more effectively. Better digestion means better energy, fewer sensations of bloating, and heaviness in your gut.


Shop Seattle Gummy Natural Energy Supplements

Take a Mocca Shot pouch with you wherever you go. But it’s summer; won’t the gummies melt? Not our gummies. We have a patented, non-melting formula that lets you leave your gummies in a hot car, gym bag, or purse, and they’ll stay ready for you whenever you need natural energy boosters. Mocca Shots come in 7 different flavors, including sugar-free dark chocolate raspberry. Other flavors include salted carameldark chocolate raspberry, and Dutch chocolate.