Why a Preworkout Gummy?

Preworkout Gummy

A preworkout can be an excellent way to start your workout and help you have steady energy and a great performance. You have almost limitless options when it comes to your preworkout and likely have tried drinks or pills. There’s another way to do your preworkouts; have you considered a preworkout gummy? Gummies are more effective than other preworkouts, bypassing many common issues people have with preworkouts, like timing and gut rot. Curious about preworkout gummies? Please keep reading; this article will discuss the differences between preworkout gummies and preworkout drinks and exercises that pair well with a preworkout. 

Preworkout Gummy vs Preworkout Drinks: What’s the Difference?

1. Gummies give you more sustained energy

Gummies are easier for your body to digest, making the energy in the gummy easier for your body to use. Other preworkouts need to be digested, which takes time and effort on your body’s part. It doesn’t matter how much sugar or carbs a preworkout has; if your body can’t digest it easily, it won’t have access to that energy. 

2. Take fewer bathroom breaks

Who wants to go to the bathroom in the middle of their workout? No one! Finding your flow is key to a solid workout, and if you’re drinking your preworkout, that’s putting excess liquid in your system, which may lead to a bathroom break (or two, depending on gut rot) in the middle of your reps. Did you know it takes more than 20 minutes to regain focus and productivity after an interruption? Choosing a preworkout gummy over a drink will reduce the discomfort of working through needing to go to the bathroom or eliminate the risk of being interrupted entirely.

3. Much easier on your gut

To continue the bathroom discussion, another significant interruption to a serious workout is gut rot. This term is used in the fitness community to describe the digestive system upset that can happen when you drink a preworkout drink or take a preworkout pill. You’re likely working out on an empty stomach, and when you add a preworkout drink full of carbs and vitamins, it’s been known to have… an effect on your digestive system. An unpleasant effect can be deeply uncomfortable, aside from interrupting your workout. And, unlike simply having to use the bathroom quickly because of the liquid in your pre-workout, gut rot might take more time to resolve and seriously impact your workout. Ways to avoid gut rot include using preworkout gummies, hydrating throughout the day, and taking electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. 

4. Easy to take

Preworkout drinks take more effort than a preworkout gummy. You need to have a clean cup or shaker bottle; you need the jar of powder, time to mix in the powder thoroughly, and then you have dirty dishes to clean up. This might not be a hassle if you’re at home before leaving for your workout, but what if you want to exercise after work or while you’re out and about? Yes, you can remember to add the powder to a shaker cup, bring it with you, and drink it on the way to the gym, but that requires forethought and planning, and you have enough on your plate demanding your time, attention, and energy. Preworkout gummies are easy to take. You pop a few pouches in your gym bag and car, and then you are always ready and don’t have to clean a cup. If you’re worried about your gummies melting in the heat, choose a Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) preworkout gummy; with their non-melting formula, they can live in your car or pocket and will always be ready for you!

5. Timing is easier

With preworkout drinks, timing is essential to feel the full effects during your workout. Preworkout drinks need to be digested, which not only puts strain on your digestive system during your workout but also takes a decent amount of time to digest, about 30-60 minutes before its ingredients are in your bloodstream. So this means that to get the most out of your preworkout drink, you need to time how you take it…every time you go to the gym. While this is a doable task, it’s another task on the top of your (likely) very full list. 

With a gummy, you can take it right before you go to the gym or an event, which is likely when you’ll remember that you want to take a preworkout. Set yourself up for success by choosing preworkout gummies; they’re there for you when you need them. And, with a gummy, your body starts absorbing its ingredients within 3-5 minutes through the thin skin of the mouth. Five minutes after you eat your gummy, it has already been 20% absorbed, which means you are ready to work out!

6. More caffeine

SGC’s preworkout gummy has more caffeine than competing energy drinks, which many use as a preworkout. Check out this chart:

caffeine comparison

Who uses Preworkouts?

Everyone from athletes to those who exercise casually uses preworkouts. Preworkouts are especially beneficial for those starting (or restarting) their exercise journey. At this end of the spectrum, overcoming resistance and the physical pain of exercise is imperative for building the healthy habit of working out. Someone who is reacclimating to an exercise routine and who is suffering from sore muscles afterward, they’re more likely to quit because of the pain. A preworkout helps people overcome that resistance and often the pain. Preworkouts often have ingredients that reduce soreness and aid recovery, like branch chain amino acids (BCAA). 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, preworkouts help more serious athletes overcome the same issues (pain, resistance) experienced by exercise newbies, as well as boosting their performance. Those who have a regular workout routine often still suffer from muscle soreness as well as mental boredom or fatigue. A preworkout helps with all these issues and supports athletes in meeting and exceeding their goals. Using a preworkout is an intelligent strategy for anyone on the exercise spectrum. 

Preworkout for Different Exercises

1. Biking/cycling

Serious cyclers regularly use preworkouts. Their exercise is about physical endurance and performance, so they often choose a preworkout with B vitamins, which boosts physical energy and performance. Serious cyclers will ride for hours at a time, so they enjoy preworkouts with controlled release carbohydrates, which gives them steady energy over a few hours. 

2. Running

Runners use preworkouts regularly for races when they are running for hours. For example, a preworkout with caffeine helps them overcome mental barriers or resistance to a marathon. Ingredients that help with endurance, like the Chinese herb Ginseng, are also prized by runners. Running involves the leg muscles, which include the quadraceps. The quads are the largest muscle in the body, and these muscles require a lot of energy, which is exactly what a preworkout gummy provides.

3. Weightlifting 

Weightlifters love preworkouts! They especially love preworkouts with sugar so that they can get a quick burst of energy for their intense lifting regimen. Weightlifting takes a lot of strength and endurance, both of which are enhanced by a preworkout, especially if it has controlled release carbohydrates.

Shop Preworkout Gummies from Seattle Gummy Company

Here at SGC, we know how important exercise is, at whatever level you’re doing, from a few times a week to competing in events like races or weightlifting competitions. Exercise boosts mood, increases health, and slows down the aging process. However, getting an entire workout in can be challenging if you struggle with low energy levels. It’s a conundrum; exercise gives you more energy, but if you’re already tired, it may be more challenging to exercise. That’s where we come in with our incredible preworkout gummy, the Energon Qube Power Up

The Power Up gummy is full of ingredients that will make your workout the best one yet. With complementary carbohydrates that release into your system at different times and caffeine, the Power Up is just that—it powers you up for your workout. 

  1. Controlled release carbohydrates give you steady energy for your whole workout, instead of a huge spike and crash that may come from other preworkouts. 
  2. caffeine gives you physical and mental energy. Long-distance athletes love how caffeine helps them stay focused through grueling events or workouts. When it comes to competitive events, your mental game is as important, if not more, than your physical ability.
  3. The Power Up also has B Vitamins, which ease stress, feed your brain, and help your body produce energy, boosting your overall performance. 
  4. The potent herb, Ginseng joins the Power Up party. Try an Energon Qube Power Up that supports your endurance so you can easily finish that last set or mile. 
  5. BCAA reduces muscle soreness and will help shorten your recovery, so you’re back at full strength for your next workout.
  6. And, finally, the Power Up has prebiotics, which is food for probiotics, the friendly gut bacteria you have in your digestive system. Prebiotics support digestion and help prevent the gut rot that other preworkouts can give you. 
  7. Our preworkout gummy is plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made here in the U.S.!

Try an Energon Qube Power Up today and feel the SGC difference.