How to Fuel Your Workout: Gain More Energy and Lose Weight

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Effective workouts are a vital part of any weight management plan. And an effective workout is more than how much you sweat; it includes how you fuel your workout, what you drink, and what you do to recover afterward. Did you know that a good workout requires more than a healthy diet? Giving yourself proper fuel before workouts can increase your energy and make working out easier. Plus—fueling correctly helps you recover and sets you up for success the next time you exercise. Keep reading for workout fuel strategies!

What is Workout Fuel?

Outside of a healthy diet, workout fuel is simple sugar or carbs. Simple sugars break down into glucose, the preferred fuel for your muscles. Your body stores energy in your muscles in the form of muscle glycogen. Once your muscle glycogen depletes , you need a quick energy source to keep exercising. Some athletes use candy; others use pre-workout products that combine simple sugars and more complex carbohydrates with other helpful ingredients like branch chain amino acids (BCAA), vitamins, and herbs. 

When is the Best Time to Fuel Your Workout?

There are two approaches to fueling workouts. One is how you eat in general, e.g., your overall diet. How you eat plays a crucial role in working out effectively and safely. If you’re not getting enough nutrients, you might compromise your ability to recover and gain muscle mass and strength. And not eating an adequate diet might also impact your energy levels while working out, making sets and miles a slog. For fueling your next workout, try eating a wholesome meal with lean proteins and complex carbohydrates two hours or more before you work out. Any closer to your training can leave you feeling queasy.

But, there’s a limited amount of energy your body can store in its muscles. So, many athletes and people who love a good workout use pre-workouts to boost energy before heavy exertion. Pre-workouts are a source of simple sugars or carbohydrates, translating into quick energy for your body. Timing with pre-workouts depends on the product, with many requiring 30-60 minutes lead time before your workout. Many people choose pre-workout gummies because their timing is much more flexible; you can take them 0-60 minutes before your workout. Plus, they are easier to take than powders and more digestible than gels. 

4 Workout Fuel Tips for Effective Exercise

1. Use a Pre Workout 

The Energon Qube Power Up Pre Workout Gummy gives you a complementary blend of carbohydrates that release at different times. Quick-release sugars give your body immediate fuel, while the longer-release ones provide you with energy down the line, meaning you have energy for your whole workout. Vitamins, herbs, and BCAA support endurance and stamina. 

Mocca Shot Energy Gummies pair perfectly with a Power Up. These delicious energy gummies give you the physical and mental boost you need to perform your best and feel great simultaneously. caffeine is complemented by the herb ginkgo biloba, which boosts circulation, mental energy, and focus. And, as you know or are learning, mental energy is just as important as physical energy when it comes to effective workouts.

2. Use a Post Workout 

After you work out or exercise, your body goes into recovery mode, trying to restore your muscle glycogen stores. There is a 30-60 minute window after physical exertion where your body is far more efficient at restoring depleted muscle glycogen. Taking sugar or simple carbs, like those found in the Recover Post Workout Gummy, gives your body easy-to-use fuel to store for later. Many post-workouts also have other helpful ingredients like BCAA, vitamins, and herbs to support muscle synthesis, facilitate energy storage and soothe post-workout soreness.

3. Thoroughly Hydrate

Hydrating while you work out is as important as staying hydrated throughout your day. Exercising while dehydrated will, at best, lead to a poor workout, but at worst, poses a health risk. If you are exercising in the heat, hydration becomes even more essential. Heat stroke is dangerous and very uncomfortable. Take electrolytes or salt while exercising in the heat. And electrolytes or salt are also a good idea if you sweat a lot during exercise. Regular hydration is essential for effective workouts and overall health. It’s one of physical performance’s simplest but most often overlooked aspects. 

4. Eat healthy meals

The type of nutrition you need depends on how you exercise. For example, if you’re working out 2-3 times a week, your dietary needs are different than if you’re training for a marathon or other competitive athletic event. Overall, a healthy, well-rounded diet is essential for an effective workout. Enough good food gives your body energy and the nutrition it needs to build new muscle and connective tissue. While a perfect diet isn’t necessary or practical, ensuring you eat a balanced diet will pay off the next time you exercise. 

However you choose to fuel, use Seattle Gummy’s Sports and Energy gummies to fuel your best workout!