Pre-Workout Gummies: When To Use Energy Chews for Running?

Use Energy Chews for Running

A pre workout is a nutritional supplement athletes use to support their physical and mental performance. If you’re a runner, then you’re likely familiar with pre workouts and probably have a bottle of pre work out pills or a pile of shaker bottles for pre workout powders. But did you know there are pre workout gummies? Pre workout gummies, sometimes called energy chews, give you the same benefits as other pre-workouts but are easier to use and more gentle on your stomach. Please keep reading to learn more about how to use pre workout gummies.

Benefits of Pre Workout Gummies for Running

Are gummies for running a real thing? Yes! Many athletes, like bodybuilders and runners, already use candy as a pre workout to give them a quick spike of glucose, which is energy for your muscles. Pre workout gummies take advantage of their naturally useful form and increase their utility by adding beneficial ingredients like caffeine, controlled-release carbohydrates, and branch chain amino acids (BCAA).

1. Quick absorption

Pre workout gummies start absorbing within minutes of chewing. This means you can take a pre workout gummy right before you start your run, and you’ll feel its effects quickly!

2. Easy and convenient

No more powders, scoops, or dirty shaker bottles. With energy chews, you can open the pouch, pop them in your mouth and enjoy a delicious treat before your run. And don’t worry about melting; Seattle Gummy’s Energon Qube Power-Up pre workout gummies use a non-melting formula, so they’re always ready to go.

3. Gentle on your stomach

Energy chews can be easy for your body to digest, unlike pre workout drinks and pills. There’s no liquid to absorb with energy chews, which absorb much faster than pills. The Energon Qube Power Up also contains prebiotics to prevent “gut rot.” 

4. Gives you energy for your run

Your body can only store so much glycogen, which is the usable form of glucose, so it’s important to replenish those stores before running.

5. Increases mental focus

The caffeine energy chews usually have will increase your physical performance and support your mental focus, which will help you run your best.

6. Helps you recover

BCAA (branch chain amino acids) will help your recovery from your run by helping to build muscle and reducing muscle fatigue. 

What Time Should I Take My Energy Chew Before a Run?

Energy chews are different from pre workout drinks or pills. Drinks and pills must be digested before absorbing, which can take 30-60 minutes. You’ll feel the effect of a pre workout gummy quickly, within a few minutes. Because you’re chewing the energy chew, the thin skin in your mouth (called the mucosal lining) allows your bloodstream to start absorbing its ingredients right away. You’ll feel close to the full effects within 20 minutes, so if you take your pre-workout gummies within 1-20 minutes before your run, you’ll be good to go. 

How Many Pre Workout Gummies for Running Should I Take?

Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s run is different too. You may need less or more of a pre workout to get the results you desire. Start out with the packaging instructions. For example, Seattle Gummy’s Energon Qube Power-Up pre workout gummies come with four in a pouch, and one pouch is one serving. You may find that three gummies are all you need. (You can save the fourth gummy in the resealable pouch.) And the same applies if you need more juice in general or for a particularly long run. In that case, maybe you want 5 or 6 pre-workouts, which will be easy to portion out with the resealable pouches. 

A special note about evening or night runs. Many pre workout gummies (and pre workouts in general) contain caffeine, which is a stimulant and can cause sleeplessness. You know your body, and perhaps you’re one of the people who can drink coffee and still sleep well. But, if that’s not you, consider using less of a caffeinated pre workout, or choose one that’s caffeine free for your evening runs. 

Seattle Gummy Energy Chews

We want you to have the best run whenever you lace up your running shoes. That’s why we formulated the Energon Qube Power-Up pre-workout gummy, which has a carbohydrate complex, BCAA, caffeine, B vitamins, prebiotics, and ginseng. Our complex carbohydrates mean you have energy right away and thirty minutes into your run. BCAA helps your muscles grow, decreases soreness and fatigue, and helps recovery, while B vitamins help your body make energy. Caffeine gives you both physical and mental energy to boost performance. The potent Chinese herb ginseng gives you endurance for those last few miles. Prebiotics nourish your healthy gut bacteria and helps to prevent the dreaded “gut rot” that comes with some pre workouts. If you’re ready to get the most out of your runs, try the Energon Qube Power-Up pre workout energy chew!