Why You WANT Sugar in Your Pre-Workout

Sugar and benefit

Sugar has a bad reputation. It is well earned since ingesting too much sugar can cause serious health problems like obesity and diabetes. However, there is a difference between eating cookies on the couch and taking a handful of gummy bears before working out. Athletes and those who exercise regularly can benefit from eating sugar before working out.

Should There be Sugar in My Pre-Workout Chews?

Yes, not only is it okay, it is desirable. Sugar breaks down into easily used fuel for your body. This is why overeating sugar without enough physical activity can lead to weight gain. But when it comes to working out, there is a need for quick fuel because your body can only store so much energy. There is a limit, and you likely know what it feels like to reach your body’s energy limits. By eating a pre-workout with sugar in it, you give your muscles a readily available, easy-to-use fuel, which leads to increased performance and a workout that feels better.

Why candy and not fruit? The sugar in candy breaks down into glucose, which is the body’s primary energy source. Fruit, however, contains fructose, which is a different type of sugar. The difference between sugar and fructose is that glucose doesn’t need to be processed by any other part of the body. It can be digested and used directly from the digestive system. Fructose, however, needs to be broken down in the liver first before the body can access that energy. However, the real answer is both. Try eating a piece of fruit 30-60 minutes before your workout to give your body time to digest it and absorb that fructose. Then, right before your workout, take your chewable pre-workout with sugar.

Benefits of Sugar in Pre-Workout Chews

1. More energy

Put simply; sugar will give you quick energy for your workout. Sugars are simple for your body to break down and turn into energy. They require little digestion to become available for use. They turn into glucose, which is your muscle’s primary fuel. Yes, excessive consumption of sugar without proper exercise is unhealthy. But, when you are preparing to burn a lot of energy with an intense workout, they make a great quick fuel source.

2. Faster absorption through chewing

There are receptors in your mouth just for carbohydrates (CHO) or sugars. This study found that stimulation of these receptors with CHOs improved athletic performance. When you use a chewable pre-workout, you’ll start to absorb its ingredients through the thin skin in your mouth. This thin skin is called a mucosal lining, and it is full of blood vessels, making it very absorbent. This is especially true of caffeine and sugars. Caffeine absorbs within minutes of chewing, and sugars start to digest in the mouth and trigger those carbohydrate receptors.

3. Better endurance

By taking a pre-workout with sugar, you will increase your endurance levels. This study shows that taking sugars before your workout will increase your muscle glycogen levels by 42%. This will allow you to tap into that stored energy during your workout, whereas you would have been on empty before.

Seattle Gummy Chewable Pre-Workout Chews

Top off your workout fuel tank with an easily digested pre-workout chew from Seattle Gummy Company (SGC). Their Energon Qube Power-Up pre-workout chew is chock full of good things to keep you going. The Power Up pre-workout chew has:

  • A complementary carbohydrate complex that will quickly raise your energy and sustain it through your workout.


  • Controlled-release caffeine prevents the energy spike/crash from happening, gives you physical and mental energy for your whole workout, and will reduce soreness during and after your workout.


  • B vitamins. Did you know that your body uses vitamin Bs to help you work out? Athletes use more B vitamins because of their physical activity, so it’s important to supplement to have enough energy. The Power-Up contains a B vitamin complex to fuel your workout.


  • Revered herb ginseng joins the Power-Up gang to support your endurance and strength. In this study, athletes given ginseng saw improvements in their VO2 max, anaerobic power, and leg muscle strength.


  • Branch chain amino acids (BCAA). When you work out, you work out hard. BCAA helps ease soreness from your exercise routine and aids in a faster recovery, which will put you closer to 100% for your next workout.


  • Prebiotics help with absorption and digestion. You’ve either experienced pre-workout gut rot or know someone who has. Taking nutrition on an empty stomach can be problematic. Prebiotics are food for your beneficial intestinal flora, which helps you digest and absorb your pre-workout. This helps keep your gut happy during your next set of reps.  


The Engergon Qube Power-Up is 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and non-gmo. Fuel your next workout with a Power-Up chewable pre-workout.