Boost Energy Levels to Smash Your New Year’s Resolutions!

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Making New Year’s resolutions shows that you have goals, focus, and want to be better. We think you’re great as you are now, but we can help you reach your goals. What if you could boost your energy levels instantly and over the long term? That would make smashing your New Year’s resolutions easier, wouldn’t it? Let’s talk about ways to boost your energy so you can easily reach your goals. 

Mocca Shot Energy Gummies

Seattle Gummy’s famous Mocca Shot energy gummy doesn’t just deliver a boost through caffeine. It also contains herbs and vitamins that nourish and energize the body and mind. Chinese herb ginkgo biloba increases circulation throughout the whole body, especially to the brain. This herb supports mental energy, clarity, focus, and memory, while also providing powerful antioxidants. 

Did you know that cocoa supports mood and cognitive function? The Dutch cocoa in Mocca Shots provides powerful antioxidants and mood-boosting flavonoids. B vitamins round out the mix by supporting your brain and energy levels. All of these ingredients are nootropics, which means they support the brain and work together to provide clear, steady energy. 

Mocca Shots are your secret weapon against fatigue. They won’t melt, so they can go where you are and be ready instantly. It’s like having a cup of coffee (without any jitters) in your pocket. And they work fast. You’ll feel energized within a few minutes after eating one.

Get Better Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep is essential for more energy. This is easier said than done, we know. With a bit of support and some adjustments, you can likely find a much better night’s rest with ease. We recommend:

  1. The Slumber Shot sleep gummy is full of safe, sedating sleep herb valerian root. Valerian root’s gentle yet potent effect relaxes the mind and body, making it easy to turn off your mind and go to sleep. Chinese herb jujube seed battles stress and insomnia and helps you stay asleep. A small dose of melatonin rounds out the Slumber Shot and ensures you fall asleep quickly. Wake up refreshed with a Slumber Shot!

  2. Try to put screens away before bed. Studies show that eliminating screen use before bedtime leads to improved sleep and waking up feeling rested. In addition to the blue light screens emit, they are also very emotionally and mentally stimulating, making it harder to fall asleep. Replace screen time with less stimulating activities like reading or listening to music.

  3. Meditation or mindfulness can be as easy as playing a guided meditation on an app like Insight Timer. A very relaxing and healing practice is Yoga Nidra. A Yoga Nidra practice can be done in bed with the lights off. You listen as the teacher guides you through feeling your whole body. It is simple and highly effective. 

Try Exercise

Exercise is a time-tested way of increasing your energy. Exercise increases circulation, which leads to feeling energized and brings fresh blood and oxygen to your whole body. A good workout banishes mental fatigue and cobwebs, especially first thing in the morning. Your lung capacity increases when you exercise regularly, increasing your baseline energy. Exercise also makes you stronger, which gives you more energy and capacity. 

Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods

While we know that a perfect diet isn’t possible or practical, the more nutrient-dense foods you eat, the better your energy levels. Food is your body’s fuel, and the more you give it high-quality food, the more energy you’ll have. Healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, seeds, and cheese are an excellent way to start. Whole grains also offer sustained energy as their complex carbohydrates break down over time. Oatmeal and whole-grain bread, like Ezekiel bread, are excellent choices. Avoid carb and fat-heavy lunches; fat takes a long time to digest and can lead to feeling heavy, while simple carbs can tank your energy. Another good tip is to incorporate ginger into your diet, especially after eating. Ginger is energizing and supports digestion. 


Slow down to energize yourself. Meditation, however you practice it, can help your energy levels. When we’re calm, we can be more efficient. Or meditation can provide a productive time of rest; compared with a power nap, there’s no risk of waking up groggy. Even if your energy is low, meditation can help you use that energy more efficiently and effectively. The clarity and focus it provides help prevent you from making mistakes. And, if we can recharge mentally, it is much easier to overcome low physical energy. Meditation doesn’t have to be long to be effective. Try a five-minute guided meditation or listen to a longer instrumental or classical song. If you like quiet meditation, set a soft timer and focus on your breath. 

Energy is different for everyone, and rebuilding it can take some time. Shop online at the Seattle Gummy Company for gummy supplements to help boost energy levels and support sleep, exercise, wellness, and beauty.