What are Gummies for Running?

Gummies for running are small, gummy candies that provide ingredients like:

  1. Carbohydrates: Simple carbs give your body quick energy and help restore muscle glycogen. Complex carbs give your body energy over longer periods and boost endurance.

  2. Vitamins: B Vitamins are common in gummies for running; they help support mental and physical energy.

  3. Herbs: Ginseng is used to support performance and endurance, while ginkgo biloba is used to increase mental energy and focus.

  4. BCCA: Branch chain amino acids reduce muscle soreness and aid recovery.

  5. Prebiotics: Gummies with food for your healthy gut bacteria help to prevent the dreaded “gut rot.”

  6. Caffeine: Caffeine helps to boost physical and mental energy, increases focus, and reduces pain during and after workouts. 

How Do Gummies for Running Work?

When you eat gummies for running, you’re giving your body quick access to helpful nutrition, herbs, and sometimes caffeine. These ingredients fuel your body by giving it access to simple sugars and carbohydrates. Herbs and vitamins support energy, focus, and endurance. And a running gummy with caffeine can help you climb any mental walls from fatigue.

Gummies are easy for your body to digest. Many pre and post-workouts are powders that you mix with water. These have to be digested before your body can use its ingredients. Plus, that extra digestive action can lead to an upset stomach. Gummies digest quickly, giving you access to their benefits within a few minutes. Plus, if you’re using Seattle Gummy sports gummies, you can take them anywhere, even in a hot car, since they’re made with a non-melting formula. 

How to Use Gummies for Running

Here is the complete Seattle Gummy regimen for a runner.

  1. Take 2-4 Power-Up Gummies 1 hour before your run.

  2. 15 minutes before your run, take 1-2 Mocca Shots.

  3. 1 hour into your run, take 2-4 Recover gummies.

  4. Take 1-2 Mocca Shots 2 hours into your run.

  5. 3 to 4 hours into your run, take 2-4 Recover gummies.

  6. As needed, at 4 hours into your run, take 1-2 Mocca Shots and 2-4 Recover gummies.

  7. 30 minutes to 1 hour after your run, take as many Recover gummies as you need, starting with 2-4.

Benefits of Gummies for Running

  1. They are ready when you need them. You can take them right before your run and feel the benefits quickly. Of course, you can take them earlier, but if you forget, they’ll kick in quickly and won’t leave you with a heavy stomach like chugging a pre-workout right before your run might.

  2. Gummies for running are essentially nutrition-packed candies, and many athletes use actual candy to fuel their runs. A gummy for running is designed to be a runner’s best friend; the sugars used to make gummies are quick fuel for a runner.

  3. Keep your digestive system happy with a running gummy! Seattle Gummy’s pre-workout gummy has prebiotics that supports digestion and prevents an upset stomach.

  4. If you’re using gummies with caffeine, they will give you mental and physical energy while running.

  5. Gummies for running are just easier to take than other pre-workouts. Powders need to be mixed, which means you need a clean mixing cup and access to water. It’s an extra step to remember. Or, gels are messy and can more easily upset your stomach. Gummies are quick to take and quick to work. Plus, with Seattle Gummy’s non-melting formula, you can leave them in a gym bag in the trunk of your car, and they’ll still be ready to go. 

Best Gummies for Running

1. Seattle Gummy’s Mocca Shot

You can take this gummy before, during, and after your workout. The Mocca Shot’s potent combination of caffeine, simple carbs, ginkgo biloba, Dutch chocolate, and B vitamins will support your cardiovascular system and boost your mental and physical energy. The simple carbs are perfect for starting your workout or giving your body a quick source of glucose for muscle glycogen replenishment after your run. 

2. Seattle Gummy’s Energon Qube Power Up Pre-Workout Gummy

Boost your performance with this scientifically formulated running gummy. A mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates gives you quick energy while helping you sustain it over the long haul. The Power Up gummy also has Ginseng, which supports endurance and performance, B vitamins give you mental and physical energy, and BCAA help supports your recovery. 

3. Seattle Gummy’s Recover Post-Workout Gummy

When muscle glycogen becomes depleted, the body prioritizes its replenishment. 

Your body has a 30-60 minute window of increased muscle glycogen synthesis that gives you an advantage in your recovery and following workout. The Recover running gummy gives your body the carbohydrates to replenish its glycogen stores. BCAA supports new muscle growth, while B vitamins help your body store the energy it’s making. Ginger helps your body heal and soothes post-workout soreness.