Caffeine Gummies vs Coffee: What are the Differences?

Caffeine Gummies vs Coffee

Caffeine Gummies vs Coffee: What are the Differences?

Caffeine gummies are very popular these days. You may have heard a friend extol their virtues for before workouts and for a mid-day pick me up. Or maybe you’ve seen caffeine chews in the store and felt a little curious. Over 2 billion cups of coffee are brewed and drank each day, so there’s a good chance you enjoy a cup of coffee or three. But, maybe you’re wondering about the differences between coffee and caffeine chews, or perhaps you’re looking for a coffee alternative. As wonderful a beverage as coffee is, some people don’t tolerate it well and need to get their energy from other sources, like caffeine gummies. In this article, we’ll talk about the key differences between caffeine gummies and coffee, and how to choose what’s best for you. 

Key Differences Between Coffee and Caffeine Gummies

On paper, coffee and caffeine are two separate things, even though coffee does contain caffeine. Their differences are quite pronounced, even though we use these terms interchangeably.

1. Coffee is a plant, a beverage, and a ritual.

Coffee is many things, but first and foremost, it is a plant full of many different chemical compounds, including caffeine. Coffee is also the beverage brewed from its seeds, or beans, as we know them. Unlike an energy gummy, coffee takes time. Beans or grounds must be purchased; then, they must be brewed and drunk. These activities take time, so coffee is a ritual for many people. Yes, the caffeine and other compounds in coffee are helpful, but it is often the process of brewing that brings the most comfort. And, unlike energy gummies, coffee needs to be digested before its caffeine can be absorbed, which can take around 45 minutes

2. Caffeine is a drug.

Caffeine is a naturally occurring drug found in many plants across the world. It is a potent stimulant and is widely used by humankind. It’s found in coffee, tea, yerba mate, yaupon, cocoa, and guarana. Caffeine, in its pure form, is a white, odorless powder. It exerts its effects on the nervous system by filling adenosine, a chemical that tells our bodies to feel fatigued, receptor sites. This helps to reduce sensations of tiredness and helps us feel more alert. Caffeine also stimulates the respiratory system, causing you to breathe more often and more deeply. This, in turn, increases energy by bringing more oxygen into your system. You’ll also feel more energized from the adrenaline release that caffeine triggers. Caffeine in gummies is more accessible for your body to absorb. You’ll start feeling your caffeine gummy within a few minutes, and it will be almost entirely absorbed by 20 minutes. 

Caffeine Gummies vs Coffee: Which Should I Choose? 

When it comes to choosing between coffee and caffeine gummies, it’s an entirely personal decision based on experience and preferences. There are many benefits to caffeine gummies like Seattle Gummy’s Mocca Shots, and they are often the superior choice. However, there are good reasons for enjoying both coffee and caffeine gummies. If you love coffee, then drink your coffee, and have Mocca Shots on hand for when you’re looking for quick energy rather than a ritual. But, if coffee upsets your stomach and makes you jittery, then consider replacing your daily caffeine from coffee with caffeine from a gummy. And, if you think you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may be sensitive to coffee. Coffee will affect your body differently than a scientifically formulated gummy like Mocca Shots which has functional ingredients like herbs and vitamins. Coffee has many health benefits too, so if it agrees with you, it makes a beautiful ritual in the morning or afternoon. But many of us don’t have the time for coffee when we need energy throughout the day, making caffeine gummies the best choice.


Caffeine Gummy

Cup of Coffee

Waking up on Saturday morning 



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Taking a long lunch break



Tackling a big list of chores




When it comes down to it, what you choose should be based on when you need energy. You may want a gummy before you crawl out of bed on Saturday to make coffee. That’s the great thing about caffeine gummies; they are there for you immediately when you need them.

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