Immune System Boosters: What Ingredients to Look for In Supplements

Ingredients to Look for In Immune System Boosters

A healthy immune system helps enhance life. Avoiding the circulating bugs and viruses surrounding us means less time lost to being sick, which is inconvenient and deeply uncomfortable. A healthy immune system also means that if you do get sick, you’ll be sick for less time and less severely. In this article, we’ll discuss how to boost your immune system along with ingredients to look for in immune system vitamins.


How Can I Naturally Boost My Immune System?


You can naturally boost your immune system with immune health vitamins and a healthy lifestyle. Before we jump into immune system supplements, let’s briefly touch on the foundation of a healthy immune system.


1. Plenty of sleep.


Sleep is essential to your health and necessary if you’ve felt like your immune system is a little low. Rest is the number one way to heal ourselves when we’re sick and maintain our health if not. Consider using a sleep aid in addition to good sleep hygiene.


2. (Mostly) healthy diet.


Food is fuel for our bodies, and healthy fuel means good energy and health. Sensibly choose healthy foods, but consider avoiding sugar and processed foods if you’re starting to feel sick.


3. Healthy stress management.


It’s so unfair that being too stressed out can lower our immune systems. When stressed, our bodies go into fight/flight/freeze mode and release a hormone called cortisol that suppresses our immune system. Because, according to evolutionary biology, running from a bear was more critical to your immediate safety than fighting off a cold. That can come after you escape the bear. But, our modern state of constant stress can lead to a weakened immune system. Try exercise, journaling, therapy, yoga, and breathing exercises to start managing your stress healthfully and support your immune system.


Immune system boosters can support an already healthy immune system or help shore up a weakened one. Immune system supplements tend to contain vitamins, herbs, and concentrated foods, like berries. Vitamin C is a classic immune system vitamin and is often added in the form of concentrated fruits that naturally contain high levels of vitamin C. You can find immune system vitamins in the forms of teas, drinks, capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids (tinctures). You can also find immune system vitamin gummies, which taste good and are easy to take.


4 Natural Ingredients to Look For in Immune System Supplements


1. Elderberry


This delicious berry is a food as well as a medicine. Many people make elderberry syrup, not for its anti-viral properties but because it tastes good on pancakes. Elderberry syrup has been studied and found to ward off ten strains of the flu virus effectively. Additionally, taking elderberry while sick reduced the days of illness subjects experienced. In these studies, scientists found subjects to have higher antibody levels after taking elderberry. Additionally, elderberry may have positive effects on the body’s inflammatory processes. Scientists postulate that elderberry’s impact on inflammatory cytokines also helps increase immune function, alongside elderberry’s anti-viral effects.


Elderberry has also been shown to have profound antimicrobial (bacteria) properties, making it an effective treatment for things like the common cold. In this study, elderberry extract was shown to be active against human pathogenic bacteria, like those responsible for upper respiratory tract infections. Try a tasty Immunity Shot gummy with the highest amount of elderberry out of other immune gummies.


2. Berries


Berries, such as cherries and the famous goji berry, are full of antioxidants. Antioxidants have positively impacted the immune system in older adults with tumors and children with measles infection. Antioxidants are helpful compounds that prevent free radical damage. Unstable molecules scavenge around the body, stealing parts from other cells to stabilize themselves. This causes cell damage, which can weaken the immune system. Antioxidants come to neutralize those unstable molecules, preventing cellular damage. Our Immunity Shot is full of elderberries, cherries, and goji berries.


3. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is high in vitamin C, fiber, and prebiotics (nutrition for your healthy gut bacteria), and since it’s vinegar, it is antibacterial. It supports the digestive system, which is essential for a healthy immune system and helps your body clean itself by stimulating the lymphatic system, which is often considered the pre-immune system because of its role in detoxification.


4. Sleep Aids


While these are a separate category from Immune System supplements, getting a solid night’s sleep helps you stay healthy and is a good move if you’re feeling a little run down. Immune system supplements work better when your body is resourced with healthy foods and sound sleep. One of the best sleep herbs on the market is valerian root. It has a sedative (think Benedryl) effect on the mind and body. So, if your mind is racing, or if you’re full of nervous energy, try a sleep aid with valerian root. We have a strong, odorless valerian root gummy called the Slumber Shot, which helps support deep, restful sleep.


Seattle Gummy Immune System Boosters


Try our immune system supplements like the Immunity Shot, which is rich in elderberries, goji berries, and cherries. It has the highest amount of elderberry in any immune system gummy and makes an excellent maintenance supplement, or take them if you’re starting to come down with something. Try our apple cider vinegar gummy to boost digestion and detoxification. And, finally, help your immune system reset by taking our fantastic sleep gummy, the Slumber Shot. With the highest amount of valerian root out of any sleep gummy, our odorless, sugar-free Slumber Shot gummy will help you get the zzz’s you need.