Why You Shouldn’t Drink Your Pre-Workout

You Shouldn’t Drink Your Pre-Workout

There’s nothing like the feeling of a solid workout where you not only reached your goals but exceeded them. However, you know that doesn’t happen every time you exercise because, well, you’re human. But, many athletes and workout enthusiasts are reaching for a pre-workout supplement to give that extra boost of energy and performance. It’s not just anecdotal evidence that supports pre-workouts. The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition published a study reporting that combining a pre-workout supplement with a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout significantly increased workout gains. An increase in VO2 max, amount of training, and lean body mass were seen, as well as losing body fat at a higher rate. You can increase the efficacy of your pre-workout by not drinking it. Drinking your pre-workout requires timing and might upset your stomach. Gain all of the benefits with a pre-workout gummy, and bypass any adverse side effects of drinking a pre-workout.

What is Pre-Workout?

Pre-workout is the term used for any supplement taken before a workout to increase energy and performance and support recovery. Pre-workouts come in powder, pill, gel, and gummy form. While ingredients will vary, here are some to look for in your pre-workout.


Branch chain amino acids help improve endurance and increase your strength by giving your cells energy and helping make proteins. It also speeds up your recovery. 

2. B vitamins

B vitamins play a vital role in energy production in your body. Your body uses more B vitamins while exercising, so you must supplement B vitamins while working out regularly. 

3. Caffeine in sensible amounts

Caffeine is a common pre-workout ingredient and helps with energy, strength, and soreness—however, it’s essential to read your pre-workout’s ingredient label to check for caffeine amounts. The recommended dose of caffeine for healthy adults is between 300-400mg. So beware of pre-workouts with high levels of caffeine, especially if you work out in the evening. 

4. Carbohydrate complexes

Carbohydrates break down into glucose, which is energy for your body. Taking different kinds of carbohydrates, ones that release quickly and ones that release slowly will give you sustained energy through your whole workout.

What is the Difference Between Pre-Workout Gummies and a Pre-Workout Drink?

Since they generally contain the same ingredients, the main difference between pre-workout drinks and pre-workout gummies is how they are prepared and taken. Pre-workout drinks usually are powders that require mixing in liquid. Even the most straightforward system for pre-workout drinks is far more complicated than taking a gummy.

Benefits of Pre-Workout Gummies

1. Supports Digestion

Digestion starts in the mouth with chewing and the production of saliva. Chewing tells your body that there’s something on its way to be digested, which puts your digestive system into gear. With a chewable pre-workout, you start digesting your pre-workout in your mouth for a minute or so before you swallow. This means your pre-workout is partly digested before it hits your stomach. And, since you were chewing, your stomach is ready to digest your pre-workout right away. So, a chewable pre-workout is better digested and digested faster because of chewing.

2. Faster Absorption

With a chewable pre-workout, you are starting to absorb its ingredients in the mouth. Your mouth is lined with very thin skin called a mucosal lining or membrane. This is very vascular tissue, which means there is a rich blood supply. When you chew your pre-workout gummy, the complex carbohydrates, vitamins, electrolytes, caffeine, etc., start absorbing right into your bloodstream through that mucosal membrane. Caffeine absorbs particularly well through the thin skin of your mouth and is in your bloodstream within a few minutes. Comparatively, liquid caffeine won’t start absorption until it’s being digested in your small intestine, up to 45 minutes later.

3. More Comfortable

Pre-workout gummies won’t slow you down or cool you off the way a pre-workout drink would. They’re more concentrated, so they digest faster than a pre-workout drink, and there’s less for your body to process. With liquid pre-workout, your body is now digesting and absorbing your pre-workout and whatever liquid you used for mixing. Have a better workout without your pre-workout drink sloshing around in your stomach.

Seattle Gummy Company Pre-workout Gummies

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