9 Supplements That Make Wonderful Holiday Gifts

12 pack variety box

Make your gift-giving a breeze this year with delicious and helpful gummy supplements from Seattle Gummy. We have a gummy for everyone…including three sugar-free varieties! We make our gummies using our patented gummy technology, making our gummies the most powerful on the market. And, with our gluten-free, plant-based, and non-GMO ingredients, you can gift our gummies confidently. Peruse our whole selection of gummy supplements; be sure to check out our combo packs and pick something out for yourself. (You deserve it.)

Energy Gummies

Our famous Mocca Shot energy gummies are known for their ability to boost physical energy with caffeine and vitamins while also giving your brain a boost with the potent Chinese herb ginkgo biloba. 

Sports and Pre-Workout Gummies

a. Energon Qube

Give your loved one the boost they need for their best workout with the vitamin-rich Energon Qube Power Up pre-workout gummy. Increase performance and strength with carbs, caffeine, and vitamins. 

b. Recover

Your body is primed after a workout to replenish muscle glycogen twice as fast as normal after an intense workout. Try Recover gummies for glucose and BCAA to speed glycogen replenishment. 

Wellness Gummies

a. ACV Shot

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) shots boost digestion, fight off harmful bacteria and help balance your blood sugar. Get all the benefits of ACV in a delicious gummy! (No chugging required.)

b. Immunity Shot

Immunity Shots are your best friend during the cold and flu season. Boost your immunity with our elderberry and goji berry-packed gummy.

Beauty Gummies

a. Golden Glow Turmeric and Ginger

Give your skin a golden glow with this turmeric and ginger gummy. Harness the anti-inflammatory power of these potent herbs to boost athletic performance and recovery.

b. Hair, Skin, and Nails with Angelica

This multivitamin gummy nourishes your hair, skin, and nails and encourages a healthy complexion with micronutrients and herbal supplements. 

c. Mixed Berry Skin Protection with Glutathione

Promote a flawless and ageless complexion with Skin Perfection and its powerful combo of berry antioxidants, glutathione, hydrolyzed collagen, and the cleansing herb milk thistle. 

Sleep Gummies

a. Slumber Shot

Packed with restful ingredients like the herbs valerian root and jujube seed, the Slumber Shot is the perfect antidote to a stressful day. 

Try Our Gummy Combo Packs!

Want to give a gift that keeps on giving? Look no further than a Seattle Gummy combo pack. Break up our variety boxes into everyone’s favorite stocking stuffers, or gift the whole box and win gifter of the year! (Or one of these could be your gift to yourself. Shh, we won’t tell!)

  1. Our 12-pack variety box contains six Mocca Shot energy gummies in different flavors, including a sugar-free pack. Power up their next workout with the complete line of sports gummies: the Energon Qube Pre-Workout gummy and two Recover post-workout gummies. Boost wellness with an Immunity shot, our ACV gummy, and the Slumber Shot sleep gummy.


  2. Our 12-pack Wellness variety box contains three packs of each of our Wellness gummies: the ACV shot, the Golden Glow ginger and turmeric gummies, and our delicious, sugar-free sleep gummy, the Slumber shot. This pack makes a great gift, especially during wintertime, and if you happen to take a pack or three, no one’s going to notice!


  3. If sugar isn’t a part of your game plan, check out our line of sugar-free gummies! Our 12-pack Sugar-Free variety box has four of each of our sugar-free gummies. Try a sugar-free Mocca Shot for that brain and energy boost. Our ACV gummy can help boost your digestion and immunity without any vinegar water. And, after a long day, you can rest well after taking our naturally sugar-free Slumber Shot; no need to brush your teeth again with bacteria-busting sugar-free sweetener maltitol.


  4. Make your loved one’s day a whole lot easier with a 12-pack Mocca Shot energy gummy variety box! This is an excellent gift for anyone who loves caffeine, working out, or both! Mocca Shots are the perfect pick-me-up for anyone with a busy day, and they are also a favorite of athletes everywhere. This box has Dutch chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, chocolate orange, and dark chocolate raspberry Mocca Shots.


  5. Night and Day

    Help your loved one have a great day and a great night with the 12-pack Night and Day combo box. This box contains Dutch chocolate Mocca Shot energy gummies so they can get ____ done! And, when they’re ready to wind down for the night, they can pop a sugar-free Sleep Gummy to catch restorative zzzzz’s. With six of each gummy, you’re setting your loved one up for a great week.


  6. The athlete or workout enthusiast will be blessing your name after you gift them one of our 12-pack Sports variety boxes. They will have a fantastic workout or event after taking a Power Up pre-workout gummy that will boost their strength and endurance. And, after taking a Recover post-workout gummy, they’ll thank you for their increased endurance and easier recovery. (Pssst! If you really want to spoil the athlete in your life, give them the Mocca Shot variety box too! Mocca Shots boost a pre-workout and help with recovery.)