4 Ways A Caffeine Gummy May Help Ease Your Seasonal Depression

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Got the blues this winter season? If you do, it’s normal. About 5% of the population experiences Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or seasonal depression and its various annoying and challenging side effects. If you’re feeling sad, tired, or having difficulty concentrating, consider trying caffeine to ease some of your SAD symptoms. Mocca Shot energy gummies have caffeine and the brain-nourishing herb ginkgo biloba; keep reading to learn more about how caffeine gummies may ease your seasonal depression.

Boosts Your Mood

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that help your body talk with the brain and nervous system. Caffeine increases the turnover of serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline (these are your “feel good” neurotransmitters). This is just one of the ways that caffeine boosts your mood and acts like a mild anti-depressant. When it comes to neurotransmitters, turnover is the process of being used up and replaced. Caffeine helps the body make and use more good mood-making neurotransmitters.

  1. Serotonin is critical in mood regulation, good sleep, and healthy digestive function. A lack of serotonin can lead to feeling depressed. But did you know that too much serotonin is life-threatening? When it comes to this neurotransmitter, finding the right balance is critical.


  2. Your body makes dopamine in response to pleasurable experiences, such as eating chocolate or getting a hug. Dopamine also helps to regulate executive functioning, which can be compromised by depression.


  3. Noradrenaline helps you feel alert and able to focus on the task at hand. This neurotransmitter is also a hormone; the right amount leaves you feeling awake and ready to go. 

It helps You Get Out of Bed

Caffeine blocks fatigue-inducing adenosine and helps you feel awake and alert.  Caffeine is a tool you can use to help yourself wake up and get out of bed in the morning. This will help lessen seasonal depression. Too much sleep can make your depression worse, and if you do have things to do and can’t get out of bed to do them, that can also increase your depression. This is where caffeine gummies come in handy; you can stay in bed and get your morning caffeine–no trudging into a cold kitchen to make coffee until you’re awake. (And, with a Mocca Shot, you’re also getting a strong dose of brain-boosting herbs and vitamins.)

Makes Exercise Easier

You already know that exercise eases depression symptoms. Regular exercise may be as effective as medication for mild to moderate depression. However, it is also universally acknowledged that it may be challenging to get yourself started, especially when there is increased soreness after restarting an exercise regimen. 

A caffeine gummy helps you exercise in two ways. Firstly, it can give you the energy boost and mental motivation to put on your running shoes, hop on a bike or drive to the gym. Did you know that many athletes use caffeine gummies to give them the physical and mental energy to exercise? If a serious athlete needs a little help being motivated, then someone who is depressed also needs extra support. 

Caffeine also reduces muscle soreness from exercise, both during and after. This may motivate you to do moderate to intense exercise if you know you can reduce your muscle pain the next day. Again, caffeine gummies make this easy; pop one before your workout, and if it’s not too late in the day, take another afterward. Don’t want the total dose of caffeine in the caffeine gummy? Seattle Gummy Mocca Shot energy gummies come in a resealable pouch, so you can nibble on part of one and store the rest for later. 

Improves Focus

One of the hardest things about depression may be how it erodes mental clarity and focus. “Brain fog” is common during seasonal depression, which, as you likely know, doesn’t help things one tiny bit. When used appropriately, caffeine can clear brain fog and allow you to focus on important things like work, driving, and family. Caffeine boosts alertness and the ability to focus due to its stimulating effect on the central nervous system. Many studies demonstrate this effect and note that caffeine is particularly effective at helping someone who is sleepy or sleep-deprived feel more alert and focused. 

Try a Caffeine Gummy Today!

If you’re feeling depressed this season, consider adding caffeine gummies to your toolbox. Simplification is essential if you’re feeling depressed. Depression can make everything harder, so the best answer to this conundrum is easy. Seattle Gummy’s energy gummy, the Mocca Shot, has 100 mg of caffeine per gummy, and each pouch has two. Leave a pouch on your nightstand for days when you’re too tired or depressed to get out of bed. Need an afternoon boost but don’t have the time or energy for coffee? Your Seattle Gummy Mocca Shots can go in your purse, pocket, or car and are ready whenever you need them