Seattle Gummy Secures Pre-A Financing Round Led by WaterStone Capital

SEATTLE, Washington — Seattle Gummy Company (SGC), a Seattle based nutraceutical company specializing in Funtional GummyTM products, has completed a multimillion-dollar Pre-A round of financing. WaterStone Capital Ltd. led the investment round with participation from investors including both strategic and financial investors. The investment will help the company aggressively expand sales and marketing efforts as well as broaden and accelerate R&D efforts and product pipelines. WaterStone Capital General Partner Yigang Yang and Carina Cao have joined SGC’s Board of Directors.

WaterStone Capital invests in early stage technology-focused startups that redefine or create large new markets, with notable investments such as, which has grown into one of the biggest organic food retailers in China, as well as Retrace Corporation, Miao Maio Cloud International and Robotic Vision Technologies.

The Pre-A financing builds on the nutraceutical products pipeline that SGC has developed based on its proprietary Functional GummyTM formulation.  The gummy supplements market has seen exponential growth over recent years in US. This momentum continues in US market honing on the performance-based supplements while undergoing the similar general explosive growth in the Chinese market.  SGC appointed technology and IP commercialization veterans from Intellectual Ventures to the company’s executive ranks, and its product lines grow to include BrainyKidsTM (a line of dietary supplements tailored to Children’s specific growth needs), Seattle BeautyTM (a line of nutraceutial supplements designed to beautify from inside out), Functional FruitTM (a line of fruits based dietary supplements) and Energon CubeTM (a line of nutraceutical products incorporating herbal medicine to achieve targeted performance for athletes).

“Seattle Gummy’s products are well-timed with the rapidly increasing demand for dietary and lifestyle based supplements that extend beyond the traditional vitamin and mineral products and drive performance results,” said Yigang Yang, Founding Partner and CEO with WaterStone Capital. “We believe the market will continue to see robust demand from the consumers on supplements that are dietary and lifestyle tailored and performance-focused. Seattle Gummy’s products are a perfect fit to consumer’s need and we are excited to collaborate with and support them as they work to build a great company in an exciting category.”

SGC’s products transform the traditional thinking of the gummy vitamin supplements by tapping into the pharmaceutical understanding of mucosal delivery of bioactives.  SGC’s Functional GummyTM concept transforms vitamin supplements into nutraceutials capable of delivering specific nutritional performance. At the heart of SGC’s product is a concept of combining pharmaceutical methodology with herbal medicine to solve and achieve specific nutritional outcomes.

“As an industry, we’re just scratching the surface of how active supplements, meaning nutraceuticals, can be when traditional ingredients are synergistically combined and enhanced with herbal medicine,” said SGC Chief Executive Officer Dr. Connie Wan. “Having the financial support from WaterStone Capital and Chinese market access through WaterStone’s Chinese network will help us execute our vision even more rapidly and broadly – and with the benefit of experience, perspective and relationships of a leading international investor.”

About Seattle Gummy Company (SGC): SGC is an R&D focused developer and manufacturer of nutraceutical supplements. The company specializes in formulating Functional Gummy™ products combining the wealth of the in-house knowledge in pharmaceutics, organic chemistry, natural product chemistry, western medicine, and herbal medicine. SGC’s products are rooted in the company’s deep understanding of human nutritional and physiological needs and backed by research and science. The company provides performance focused nutraceutical supplements fit to each customer’s unique life style.  The current product line includes Brain kidsTM, Seattle BeautyTM, Functional FruitTM and Energon CubeTM supplements. To learn more about SGC, visit

About WaterStone Capital (WaterStone): WaterStone is an international investment firm providing seed, pre-A and A-round venture capital to early to mid-stage technology-based companies. WaterStone has positioned its investment strategies and core competence around the concept of “Small Company Big Technology” (SCBT). With a cross-border management team experienced in capital market, technology development and IP commercialization, WaterStone facilitates the growth of its portfolio companies as both a financial and a strategic partner. Partners from the WaterStone have the experience of leading the investments in: Retrace Corporation; Miao Miao Cloud Internaltional; Robotic Vision Technology; Starch Medical Inc.; Coffee Flour; and Benemilk Ltd. For more information, visit (English) and (Chinese)