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Move It Or Lose It!

You’ve probably heard ad nauseum how important it is to keep moving throughout the day and that our sedentary lifestyles are linked to myriad health issues. So here are some tips to help you stay mobile: 1. Incorporate walking in your commute: Try parking your car further away from the office, or if you take […]

10 Interesting Facts About Chocolate

While we already know that chocolate has many health benefits, here are some interesting facts about chocolate that you may not know: 1. Chocolate is literally “the food of the gods”. Chocolate originates from the cacao tree, the botanical name of which is Theobroma Cacao. Theobroma is derived from the Greek theos meaning “god” and […]

Seattle Gummy Company CEO, Dr. Connie Wan, Spoke at FBIF 2018 Presenting the Functional Gummy™ Technology

Posted April 20, 2018 SEATTLE, Washington — The FBIF2018 Food & Beverage Innovation Forum, created by Simba Events, officially opened on April 18th, 2018 at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Baohua. The theme of this forum is “The Rise of New Products” and focuses on the food industry. The forum brought together more than 1,800 brand […]

Giving up Coffee? Try Mocca Shots

cancer coffee

This last week, you may have heard about the ruling by a California judge requiring coffee companies to put a cancer warning on coffee beverages sold in the state. But—haven’t there been many studies touting the health benefits of coffee? Why is California making this requirement? All the troubles start with a chemical compound called […]

Eating leafy green at least one serving a day may slow down brain aging

According to a study conducted by Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center, just one serving of leafy green vegetables per day could help preserve memory and thinking skills as we get older. Specifically, the research seems to suggest that following such a diet may slow brain aging by up to 11 years. The study involved 960 […]