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Seattle Gummy Company® featured in Seattle Morning News with Dave Ross

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – In an interview with Seattle Morning News host, Dave Ross aired on Thanksgiving Morning, titled “Dr. Connie Wan, candy medicine for children?,” Seattle Gummy Company’s founder/CEO discussed candidly about the challenges in the journey of turning a household favorite food item into a carrier for delivering medication to children.  Find the audio […]

Seattle Gummy Company® featured on Cheddar TV

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – In an interview with Cheddar TV, titled “Seattle Gummy Company wants to revolutionize medicine for kids.” Seattle Gummy Company’s founder/CEO Dr. Connie Wan shared with the audience why gummy is a perfect format for delivering medicines, why large pharmaceutical companies have largely missed the space, and what Seattle Gummy Company is doing […]

Seattle Gummy wants to revolutionize medicine for kids with world’s first gummy drugs

connie wan

Connie Wan is no different than any other parent who has struggled to get a little kid to take medication during a bout of sickness. She fumbled with syringes and syrups and worried whether the proper measurements had been made and dosages consumed. Shopping in Costco back around 2007, Wan was attracted to the popular […]

Green tea prevents obesity

For thousands of years, Chinese has turned to green tea for its mix of health benefits.  Modern studies have reported a myriad of healthy benefit from green tea, including everything from protecting sensitive teeth, dampening Alzheimer’s symptoms, repelling bacteria and even preventing heart attacks.  Previous studies have also suggested that green tea can be a factor in obesity through its anti-inflammatory effects on […]

Can Coffee Fight Signs of Aging?

Coffee Fights Aging

Guest post by Ashley Lipman The internet has changed the way we receive information. More importantly, it’s changed the way we receive misinformation.  Every time you scroll through the newsfeed, you see contradictory information. One of the hot topics right now is coffee fighting the signs of aging. While some sources say it’s a miracle […]