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How Getting Better Sleep Can Help You Hit Your New Year’s Workout Goals

Sleep Impacts Performance

It’s estimated that more than 74 percent of American adults made a New Years’ resolution this year, and between 43 and 47 percent of resolutions are health-related. That’s unsurprising because having a healthier lifestyle may prevent illness and injury and may lead to a longer life.

What is a Coffee Nap and Why to Try It

Isn’t life better when you can combine two wonderful things? Swimming and sunshine. Dogs and cats. Chocolate and peanut butter. Coffee and…naps? You heard me. Coffee and naps. You likely love coffee, especially in the morning, and you likely also love naps, even if you don’t get to take them as often as you like. Well, this amazing new combination is here with us due to science.

Is Chili Good For Metabolism?

Is Chili Good For Metabolism?

Chilies are some of the most popular spices in the world. Chilies are both a food and a spice, or more accurately, a food that is used as a spice. Grown in warmer climates, chilis are integrated into the food of many cultures around the world. Jamaica, for example, is famous for using one of the hottest chilies around, the scotch bonnet.

3 Effective Benefits of Hot Chocolate for Health

Why is Spicy Chocolate Popular and Healthy?

Spicy chocolate is everywhere these days, ranging from chocolate bars to hot chocolate and mochas at coffee shops. All kinds of chocolate can be spicy, including white, milk, and dark. Dark chocolate is often used to make spicy chocolate. The spice comes from chili powders and other spices. Many people think that spicy chocolate has even more health benefits than plain chocolate.

Caffeine Chews: Coffee Alternative with no Jitters

Coffee Alternative with no Jitters

It’s 2 pm. You’re sipping on coffee, and you’re not sure what number cup this is. Suddenly, you realize that the hand holding your coffee cup is shaking. You’re not cold or scared, but there your hand is, dancing a jig. Or maybe your eye is twitching uncontrollably, and you can’t stop tapping your foot. What’s going on? In this article, we’ll discuss coffee jitters, and what some good coffee alternatives with no jitters are.