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Seattle Gummy Company voted as one of the most innovative companies at 2018 Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Startups Competition

SEATTLE, Washington – The 2018 Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) has successfully closed its 2018 SVIEF conference on September 30th 2018 at Santa Clara Convention Center.  Attracting over 10,000 attendees, SVIEF2018 conference was designed to be intense and informative two-day event with the theme of ” Converge & Exchange” featuring Global Blockchain Summit, AI […]

Seattle Gummy Company won top prize recognized as the most innovative company at 2018 Xiamen-Silicon Valley Tech Startups Competition

SEATTLE, Washington – Xiamen is one of the earliest four special economic zones established in China. Its economic openness and average growth rate have long been ranked among the largest cities in China, and World Bank chose is as a “top investment environment city”.  Open and diverse cultural heritage and unique natural conditions, Xiamen won the “International […]