Caffeine and Coffee Are Not the Same

Caffeine and Coffee Are Not the Same

For most people, caffeine and coffee are interchangeable. Coffee is most widely known as a stimulating beverage, one that billions of people across the world start their day with. People reach for coffee throughout the day to combat mental and physical fatigue. Or, if they’re not coffee and tea drinkers, energy chews, like the Mocca Shot, are increasingly popular.

However, while coffee contains caffeine, they are not the same thing. Caffeine occurs naturally in over 60 different plant species from all across the globe. Some of these plants include the cacao (chocolate) bean, kola nuts, the tea plant, the leaves of the yerba mate plant, and the bark of the Yoco tree. Another plant source of caffeine is the North American yaupon holly. This is the only native North American plant that contains caffeine. It requires a longer brew time than tea but produces a similar dark, slightly bitter, rich beverage. 

Natural caffeine, like the caffeine found in Seattle Gummy’s Mocca Shot, is essentially the same as synthetic caffeine. They are chemically identical, though they have different sources. Synthetic caffeine is made from urea and chloroacetic acid. Natural and synthetic caffeine have similar effects on the body. 

Caffeine has many beneficial effects on the human body. Caffeine has been studied extensively, and researchers have found many exciting benefits to consuming caffeine.

1. Reduces pain during and after workouts

A study done by the University of Georgia discovered that taking a moderate dose of caffeine after a workout reduced pain by about half! This makes caffeine more effective than OTC pain medication like Aleve or aspirin, both of which reduced post work out pain by about 30%.

2. Reduces exercise-induced asthma

There’s more good news for those who like to exercise. Taking caffeine before a workout can reduce exercise-induced asthma and is as effective as using an albuterol inhaler. 

3. Protects against dementia

Several studies have been done showing that caffeine has a protective effect on the brain. One study showed that caffeine stimulates an enzyme that cleans plaque out of the brain. Plaque buildup in the brain is associated with aging and diseases like dementia. Another study, using women, found that high caffeine intake reduced the risks of developing dementia by almost 40%!

4. Helps with weight loss

A 2019 study found that caffeine stimulates brown adipose (fat) tissue. The type of fat most people think of when discussing weight loss is white adipose tissue. Brown adipose tissue burns off white adipose tissue to generate heat and access the nutrients stored in white adipose tissue. The study concludes that safe amounts of caffeine can stimulate brown adipose tissue. 

5. Improves problem-solving

In a recent study designed to test whether or not caffeine improves creative thinking, researchers discovered that, while caffeine did not improve creativity, it did have a large impact on problem-solving, enhancing it significantly. 

6. Improves mood

The problem-solving study discovered that, in addition to being able to problem-solve more efficiently, caffeine also specifically improved people’s moods. Study participants reported being less sad after taking caffeine. 

Love Caffeine? Try a Mocca Shot!

Seattle Gummy Company is proud to present their energy chew, the Mocca Shot. With as much caffeine as two strong cups of coffee, the Mocca Shot also contains brain and energy-boosting herbs and vitamins. These herbs and vitamins, along with natural caffeine, allow the Mocca Shot to deliver steady, non-jittery energy. The energy that comes from coffee can make people jittery and can often lead to an energy crash, after a big spike.

Avoid the crash and burn from coffee, tea, and energy drinks, and take a Mocca Shot instead! It has a healthful dose of ginkgo biloba that increases circulation to the brain and delivers powerful antioxidants that are particularly helpful at protecting the cardiovascular system. Another powerful antioxidant source is Dutch cocoa powder, which is also mood-boosting. Rounding out the powerhouse of energy ingredients are B vitamins.

One Mocca Shot contains 60% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin B6, 70% of the RDA for vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), 60% of the RDA of vitamin B3 (Niacin), and 120% of the RDA for vitamin B12. B vitamins are used to make energy and support brain function. Taste the Seattle Gummy Company difference in a Mocca Shot! The caffeine and other helpful ingredients are absorbed through the thin skin of the mouth, rather than being digested like coffee or tea.

This gives you energy in minutes! And, thanks to their patented gummy technology, a Mocca Shot won’t melt in your pocket or the car, making them great for the on-the-go lifestyle. The Mocca Shot comes in a variety of flavors, including two seasonal flavors, pumpkin spice, and gingerbread, making the Mocca Shot the perfect pick me up, no matter what time of year it is.