Electrolyte Gummies: Benefits, How to Use, and When to Use

Hydration with Electrolyte Gummies

Are you looking to support your health with more hydration? Hydration is essential all the time; in fact, research shows that many Americans are chronically dehydrated. Symptoms of dehydration include low energy and brain fog, can affect your muscles, and may increase the risk of health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, hydration becomes more critical when your body works harder during physical activity or from external conditions like heat and sunlight. Let’s talk about electrolyte gummies and why they can make hydration easier than ever before. 

What are Electrolyte Gummies?

Electrolytes are tiny, electrically charged mineral bits your body uses to hydrate itself. These gummies have similar ingredients as sports drinks, electrolyte pills, and powders. They’re also sometimes called sports gummies, hydration gummies, or energy gummies. 

Are Electrolyte Gummies and Hydration Gummies the same thing?

Yes. Both electrolyte and hydration gummies are gummy candies with added electrolytes; the only difference is the name. Electrolyte gummies state what they are, and hydration gummies say what they do. If you’re taking an electrolyte gummy, it’s likely so that you can get or stay hydrated. 

It’s interesting to note that sugar, an ingredient in many gummies, can support hydration and energy. Sugar breaks down into glucose, which the body uses to absorb sodium and water in the small intestine. The World Health Organization (WHO) uses glucose in its formula for dehydration because it supports the absorption of sodium (and water). Sodium is the primary electrolyte used to arrest dehydration; your body needs more of it than other electrolytes, and it is the first one to be released from the body from sweat, etc. Gummies with sugar are ideal for hydration gummies and electrolyte gummies. 

How Do Electrolyte Gummies Work?

Water isn’t enough to hydrate you. Yes, it is essential for hydration; but what does your body do with it after you’ve drained your water bottle on a hot day? Your body uses tiny bits of electrically charged minerals to move that water around. Water in your digestive tract doesn’t do your brain, liver, kidneys, blood, and muscles any good unless it can get to them. And now, your body needs to precisely move fluid in and out of your organs, blood, and individual cells. Your body uses electrolyte minerals and other substances, like glucose, in a complex dance to help the water you drink go where it needs to go. 

Electrolyte gummies deliver these vital minerals quickly and effectively. 

  1. No swallowing required: Gummies are easy and fun to take, making them the perfect choice for children and anyone with difficulty swallowing pills.

  2. Gummies work fast: when you eat a gummy, you start digesting it and absorb its ingredients in your mouth. Since they’re so soft, they start dissolving as you chew, and your mouth’s thin skin can absorb those essential minerals into tiny blood vessels. In comparison, pills, powders, and drinks all must wait to digest and start absorption in the digestive tract.

Here’s what some of the primary electrolytes do:

  1. Sodium: Your body uses sodium to bring water into the body out of the digestive system. It allows precise amounts of water and nutrients to enter your cells while keeping the fluid levels around your cells (extracellular) balanced.

  2. Chloride: Chloride is the second most abundant electrolyte used by your body. You’ll find it primarily in your extracellular fluids; like sodium, it helps water and nutrients move into cells. Chloride also assists your body in maintaining the right balance of acids and bases (pH). Dehydration can move your pH out of balance and cause symptoms of confusion, fatigue, and headaches.

  3. Potassium: Potassium is famous in the sports world for its ability to relieve muscle cramps. Potassium is usually found inside your cells and partners with sodium to keep the proper electrolyte levels in your cells. Low potassium level symptoms start with cramps, muscle weakness and can eventually affect your heart.

  4. Magnesium: Many electrolytes work with the muscles, like magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Muscle weakness is a sign of dehydration as the minerals your muscles use to move and stay hydrated are lost through sweat.

4 Key Benefits of Electrolyte Gummies

  1. Natural hydration support: Get the correct electrolytes in the healthiest ratios for effective hydration to support your performance and health. Gummies are also gentle on your stomach.

  2. Chewable hydration on the go: Electrolyte gummies are easy to take during your day and any activity. Many come in pouches that you can slip into a pocket or bag. There’s nothing to mix, and you’re not swallowing a pill.

  3. Loved by the whole family: Electrolytes are essential for everyone, especially children and older adults. Electrolytes gummies are treats everyone will enjoy.

  4. Hydrate quickly: If you’re dehydrated for any reason, it’s important to rehydrate as fast as possible, especially if you’re out in the heat. Quick-absorbing electrolyte gummies deliver the right balance of powerful electrolytes to your body much quicker than capsules, tablets, powders, or drinks.

How to Use Electrolyte Gummies

  1. You can use electrolyte gummies like a daily vitamin at any time of the year. Natural sources of electrolytes are primarily fruits and vegetables, so an electrolyte gummy makes an excellent daily supplement.

  2. However, electrolyte gummies are more heavily used during the hot part of the year, when hydration becomes harder to achieve as the heat and bright sun accelerate water loss, increase thirst, and drain electrolyte reserves.

  3. You can take them preventatively before doing any activity outside in the summer. This gives your body a fast source of electrolytes as you lose them almost immediately through sweat. Prevention is the best course of action when it comes to avoiding dehydration.

  4. You can take them during any activity where you are hot, sweaty, or in the sun. We’ll cover specifics for when in the next section, but it boils down to this: if you are hot, sweating, and moving—you need to think about your electrolytes. This is doubly true if you’re in the sun and triply true if it’s the hottest part of the day or the heat is truly excessive.

  5. And what about after you’re done with your run or yardwork, or outdoor job and are cooling off? Take some electrolytes and maybe take some more in about 30-60 minutes to give your body what it needs to regulate all of the water you’ve been drinking.


When Should You Take Electrolyte Gummies?

1. Running or Cycling 

Any long-distance physical activity, especially in the summer, should be supported by electrolytes. If you’re running or cycling in the summer, take plenty of electrolyte or sports gummies with you and plan out water refills. 

2. Swimming 

Keep the fun in the sun going with delicious electrolyte gummies. It can be easy to get dehydrated while swimming, so plan regular breaks to drink water, take electrolytes and reapply sunscreen. 

3. Working Outside 

For professionals whose work takes them outside during the summer, electrolytes are essential for health and performance. Stay hydrated, energized, and focused with electrolyte gummies while you work. 

4. While Hiking and Camping

Keep the outdoors fun and safe with electrolyte gummies. Did you know you can dehydrate more quickly in higher elevations? Bring plenty of drinking water with you while hiking and camping, along with electrolyte gummies to stay hydrated. 

5. If You feel Dehydrated

Dehydration can manifest as fatigue and brain fog, and many of us are dehydrated even without the added burden of summer months. Try taking electrolytes regularly and see if that helps you feel the benefits of hydration. Remember, if your dehydration symptoms move from mild to moderate, such as urinating less, it’s time to go to the doctor.

6. If You’re Sick

Illness is another time when electrolytes come in handy. Instead of heat, sun, and activity, causing stress and dehydration, an illness is causing stress and may come with symptoms that involve losing a lot of fluids. In cases like this, electrolytes can help you stay hydrated, but be sure to seek medical attention if your dehydration moves from a mild state into a moderate zone. 

Can You Take Hydration Gummies Daily?

Yes, hydration gummies are meant for daily use. Some people use hydration gummies as energy gummies since proper hydration can reduce fatigue. Take more hydration gummies if you’re sweating a lot for more than an hour since you’re losing electrolytes and water as you sweat. Take more hydration gummies if you’re sweating in the sun and more if you’re exerting yourself. While everyone needs electrolytes every day, physical activity and external conditions such as heat and sunlight increase the rate of natural electrolyte loss.  Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water! 

What To Look For in Electrolyte Gummies

  1. Heat Stable: Some gummies melt in the heat, making them harder to take. You can still eat the goo to get your electrolytes, but it’s sticky and hard to dose. Some electrolyte gummies, like the HydraFuel gummy from Seattle Gummy Company (SGC), are melt resistant and can stand up to hot backpacks, cars, pockets, and gym bags.

  2. Optimal blend of electrolytes: If you listen to people who work out, especially those who exercise outside, talk about electrolyte supplements, it’s common to hear that some make their stomachs upset. Since electrolytes are water soluble, you’ll absorb them pretty quickly. If the electrolytes are out of balance, and you take in too much of one electrolyte and not enough of another, this can lead to nausea. Taking an electrolyte gummy with an optimal blend of electrolytes not only ensures better hydration but prevents you from feeling sick during your workout or event.

  3. Easy to take packaging: When it comes to hydration, timing is important. If you’re outside in the sun and are starting to feel dehydrated, you need electrolyte gummies that are easy and fast to take. Small bottles or pouches that you can tuck into your pocket or fanny pack means you have almost instant access to electrolytes.

  4. Fits any lifestyle: Many people are choosing plant-based or gluten-free supplements; if this is you, many electrolyte gummies have plant-based and gluten-free options. 

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