Key Benefits of Caffeine Gummies

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Caffeine gummies have revolutionized how we think about health and energy. Caffeine gummies offer a wide range of health benefits beyond what you might think. Learn more about the good things you get from caffeine gummies.

1. Energy Booster

With Seattle Gummy’s Mocca Shot caffeine gummies, you have energy on hand whenever you need it. These delicious, non-melting gummies come in a resealable pouch so you can take the right amount of caffeine every time. 

Caffeine’s ability to reduce fatigue and energize you has been well studied. Caffeine fills receptor sites for adenosine, a neurotransmitter that tells your body it’s fatigued; in addition to stimulating the release of adrenaline and breathing, caffeine blocks the chemicals that make you feel tired. This action gives caffeine its psychostimulant effect or helps you feel more energized. 

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2. Fast-Acting

Who has time to wait for coffee or an energy drink to kick in? Did you know that liquid caffeine needs to be digested before absorption can start in your small intestine? That means you won’t be feeling your cup of joe until at least 20 minutes after drinking, but you’ll have to wait 45 minutes or more before you feel the full effects of your java. 

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With a caffeine gummy, you’ll start to feel the caffeine within three minutes. That is because caffeine gummies bypass the digestive system and will start absorbing into your bloodstream through the thin skin of your mouth while chewing. Unlike with coffee or an energy drink, 20% of the caffeine in your gummy is absorbed at three minutes, unlike liquid caffeine, which is 20% absorbed at twenty minutes. Who has the time?

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3. Promotes Cognitive Function

Boost your mental performance with a caffeine gummy. Not only do caffeine gummies help you think (and perform) better, but many caffeine gummies, like Seattle Gummy’s Mocca Shot, contain other nootropics, or brain-enhancing, herbs and vitamins. For example, the nootropics in the Mocca Shot, caffeine, cocoa, and the herb ginkgo biloba work synergistically to boost your brain power. 

Caffeine helps you learn more effectively by giving your brain energy and supporting memory. If you’re tired, caffeine is even more effective at keeping your brain functioning by increasing alertness. Caffeine also enhances your mental power through its ability to support mood and concentration. 

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4. Healthy Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and one of its most important. Research shows that caffeine can help protect the skin against disease. Because of their constant contact with the environment, skin cells are more vulnerable to oxidative stress. The following study used a free radical inducer (AAPH) and ultraviolet light to stress skin cells. Caffeine was introduced, and at a low dose, it suppresses the skin damage caused by the AAPH and ultraviolet light. Oxidative stress can cause disease and wrinkles; this is good news for anyone who likes healthy skin!

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5. Mood Booster

Research shows that moderate doses of caffeine (200 mg – 250 mg) can significantly elevate your mood. A good mood helps make daily life more enjoyable or, at the least, more tolerable. Caffeine makes you more alert and is especially effective if your bad mood is from poor sleep. Additionally, caffeine promotes happiness, a clear head, and calmness. 

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6. Promotes Overall Health

Caffeine helps your skin, your mood, and your energy levels. Did you know it can also extend your life? Many studies on coffee show that those who take high levels of caffeine (through coffee) have a lower risk of death…from any cause. It’s true; caffeine gives you superpowers! A large, 16-year study was conducted on 500,000 coffee-drinking Europeans. After 16 years, it was found that those who drank the most coffee were less likely to die, period. So, feel good about eating caffeine gummies; they are helping you live longer. 

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