Seattle Beauty™ Tip: Anti-aging and Wrinkle Removal Herbs

In this post, I’d like to share some top ranked anti-aging and wrinkle removal herbs based on Chinese herbal medicine. All of these herbs have been extensively used in China both for medicinal use and as food. You should be able to buy these from many online stores.  Just copy paste the herb name into you google search engine. Alternatively, you should be able to find these herbs in your local Chinese herb stores. Every China town should have an herb store somewhere. Keep looking—you will find it.

As a general rule, use the whole herb and chunks or slices thereof for tea and soup; use rough powder for tea or facial scrub; and use fine powder as face wash or mask. You can also use tea as an ingredient for face toner, hair wash, or hair conditioner.

For tea or skin toner use, simmer herb slices in hot water for 5-10 min. Strain the water out. Drink as a tea. Or, cool and use as a skin toner or hair conditioner. I would recommend infuse the tea with other herbal ingredient for skin toner use.

For face wash or facial mask use, mix herb power with a grain powder such as oat or barley flower. Add a little agar or gelatin powder to increase the adhesion. Mix the powder with water, milk, or diluted honey to make a soft paste. Use as a facial mask. You can also add other ingredient as desired. Please refer to my past posts for recipes.

Ginseng (Radix et Rhizoma Ginseng)

Ginseng is known to strengthen the immune system, facilitate protein synthesis, increase metabolism, and promote peripheral blood circulation. For skincare use, the herb is known to help smooth and soften the skin, enhance elasticity, and remove wrinkles.   For hair care use, the herb is known to strengthens hair, prevent graying and loss of hair, and increase the shin of hair.

Shudihuang (Radix Rehmanniae Praeparata)

Shudihuang is the cooked root of the herb, Radix Rehmanniae Praeparata. Large amount of herb could be toxic. So please use with extremely caution. The herb is known to strengthen the cardiac muscle function, increase blood pressure, constrict the blood vessels at small doses, dilate the blood vessel at large doses, possesses the characteristics of diuretics, decreases the blood sugar and inhibits carbohydrates being converted into blood sugar. For skincare use, the herb is known to moisturize and hydrate skin. For hair care use, the herb is known to prevent hair graying and hair loss.

Heshouwu (Radix Polygoni Multiflori)

Heshouwu is one of the most often used herbal ingredients in Chinese herbal hair care formulas. The herb is known to regulate the nervous and endocrine system, promote the synthesis of melanin in hair and nourish hair follicles with lecithin like nutrients. The herb is often use to treat premature hair graying or hair loss.

For skin care use, Heshouwu is often used as a soup ingredient. Regular consumption of the herb is believed to increase and strengthen capillary blood circulation and therefore nourish and beautify the skin.

Lingzhi (Ganoderma)

Lingzhi is a species of mushroom and has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. Today, it is widely used in food supplements, cooking, and skincare products in China.

The herb is known to strengthen immune system, regulate blood sugar level, control blood pressure, anti-cancer, protect liver function, and regulate sleep. The herb contains various amino acids, polysaccharides, organic acids, and ergosterin. The herb is famous for its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle function.

Dangui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis)

This herb contains volatile oil, ferulic acid, polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. The herb is known to dilate capillaries and promote blood circulation. For skin care use, the herb is known to brighten and moisturize skin, soothing chapped skin, detoxify and remove dark spots. For hair care use, the herb is known to nourish and strengthen the hair.

Gouqizhi (Fructus Lycii)

The herb contains vitamins including B2, nicotinic acid and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), minerals such as potassium, iron, and copper, polysaccharide, and anti-oxidants. The herb is known to increase peripheral white blood cells, improve the function of reticuloendothelial system, strengthen immunity, increase metabolism, and increase blood cell count. For skin care use, the herb moisturizes the skin and improves the complexion. For hair care use, the herb prevents premature hair graying.

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