Caffeine Makes You Smarter and Happier

Smarter and Happier

Scientists have been studying caffeine for years, and have discovered that caffeine offers all sorts of health benefits. Caffeine may be able to help you lose weight because caffeine stimulates brown fat, or brown adipose tissue, which burns off calories in the form of white fat. Caffeine is also effective at reducing pain after an intense workout, and a recent study discovered that caffeine activates an enzyme in the brain that prevents dementia. Are you feeling better about your daily cup (or cups) of coffee now?

The good news just keeps coming. Caffeine and its effects on creative thinking were recently studied, and it was discovered that caffeine has remarkable effects on problem solving abilities and mood.

The University of Arkansas Study

A study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition by a University of Arkansas researcher further confirmed that caffeine does increase your ability to focus and solve problems, however, it doesn’t stimulate creativity.

For the study, 80 volunteers were randomly given either 200mg caffeine, equivalent to two cups of coffee (or four espresso shots), or a placebo. They were then tested on standard measures of:

1. Convergent thinking (problem-solving) 

2. Divergent thinking (creative thinking)

3. Working memory 

4. Mood

 Convergent thinking is defined as seeking a specific solution to a problem, for example, the “correct” answer. Divergent thinking is characterized by idea generation where a large set of novel or interesting responses would be suitable. This is also known as creative thinking.

The 200mg caffeine was shown to enhance problem-solving significantly in the study. However, the data suggests that the stimulant has no significant impact on creative thinking. In addition, caffeine also did not significantly affect working memory. These results are a bit disappointing, however, the news improves when it comes to the fourth category. When it came to mood, the test subjects who took the caffeine reported feeling less sad.  

The Conclusion

So, yes, caffeine does make you feel happier, and smarter too. While caffeine does not increase creativity or working memory, it does have powerful cognitive and emotional effects. This is great news for all of us in today’s day and age who take caffeine for its lifestyle-enhancing effects along with its myriad of health benefits. We now know that caffeine supports focus and problem solving, along with its brain-protecting and antioxidant properties.

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Darya L. Zabelina, Paul J. Silvia. Percolating ideas: The effects of caffeine on creative thinking and problem solving. Consciousness and Cognition, 2020; 79: 102899 DOI: 10.1016/j.concog.2020.102899