Dealing with Mental Fog: Symptoms and Solutions

Mental Fog- Symptoms and Solutions

It’s 2 pm. You can’t think. You might have made a mistake in a report, you keep having trouble saying words, and you’re reaching for a Mocca Shot energy gummy. This is a situation many of us find ourselves in daily and it has a name: brain fog. It goes by other names like cloudy brain and mental fatigue, but whatever you call it, it is annoying at best, and it can be dangerous at worst.

What are Brain Fog and Brain Fog Symptoms?

Brain fog isn’t a specific condition, but rather a type of cognitive dysfunction. At the physical level, it’s considered to be caused by high levels of inflammation and changes to the hormones that affect energy, mood, and focus.

Its symptoms include:

  1. Memory problems

  2. Poor mental clarity

  3. Trouble concentrating

  4. Difficulty focusing

How to Prevent and Clear up Brain Fog

So, we know what brain fog is, now is there any way to prevent it? And, if you have it, how do you get rid of brain fog? There are several ways to prevent brain fog from happening in the first place. These are also the ways to clear up brain fog when it’s happening. It’s also possible that you have several underlying reasons for your brain fog, so be patient with yourself while you make the needed lifestyle adjustments.

1. Stress

Chronic stress can affect the body in a whole host of ways. While there may be things in your life that you can’t control, taking even just one step towards adjusting or controlling the things in your life that can relieve your stress a little bit. Sometimes even just listing out the stressors in your life can be relieving because it puts things in perspective, e.g. “Oh, it makes sense that I’m stressed right now.”. Exercise is a good way to manage stress and boost mental energy and function. If exercise feels out of reach, try to move more whenever possible. Be kind to yourself, it’s a tough world out there.

2. Poor or not enough sleep

Actual physical fatigue can lead to brain fog. Here are a few ways to practice good sleep hygiene to help you have a good night’s sleep.

a. Wake up at the same time every day.

b. Prioritize your sleep.

c. Make gradual adjustments to sleep times if changing them.

d. Go easy on the naps.

e. Follow a nightly routine.

f. Take 30 minutes to wind down.

g. Dim your lights.

h. Unplug from electronics.

i. Try for relaxation, rather than sleep.

j. Stop caffeine 6-8 hours before bedtime.

k. Eat dinner earlier in the evening, so your food has time to digest before bed.

l. Make your bedroom extra comfortable.

3. Hormonal changes

Pregnancy and menopause can bring on brain fog due to how changing hormones affect the body. If you suspect your hormone levels are out of balance, talk to your doctor.

4. A nutritious diet

Making sure you are eating plenty of nutritious foods can combat brain fog. Your brain needs lots of nutrients, like vitamin B12, to function properly. A healthy diet typically includes lean proteins, an abundance of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Try a healthy snack the next time you feel foggy. Also, any kind of food sensitivity or food allergy can trigger brain fog. You can also talk to your doctor about testing for nutritional deficiencies like iron.

5. Caffeine

Does caffeine clear up brain fog? Yes! The next time you’re feeling foggy, reach for a Seattle Gummy Mocca Shot. Not only does this delicious energy gummy contain 200mg of natural caffeine, but it’s also full of brain-supporting herbs and vitamins. Caffeine is known to help people stay alert and focused at any time, but especially when fatigued. Chinese herb ginkgo biloba increases circulation to the brain, which supports mental function. Gingko biloba is also a powerful antioxidant and is especially protective of the cardiovascular system. Mocca Shots also contain vitamin B3, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. These water-soluble vitamins help the body make energy, aid the brain, and help to clear brain fog.

The Mocca Shot gives clean, steady energy that’s nothing like the jittery energy you can get from coffee or the energy crash that can come from an overly sweet energy drink. You can take a Mocca Shot with you anywhere you go because its melt resistant. This means the next time you get brain fog, you’re prepared with a Seattle Gummy Mocca Shot.