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  • Has raised over $10 M
  • An impressive IP portfolio with 36 patent applications and 29 trademarks
  • In less than a year of selling, energy products are in over 200 retail locations plus a high-growth sales through e-commerce
  • Energy products are widely popular with 90% monthly growth rate of new customers
  • Customers and distribution in the US, Canada, and China


Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) was founded with a simple notion – well-crafted gummy formulations can and should effectively deliver bioactive compounds (both medicines and nutrients) into a human body effectively and deliciously. Through extensive research, SGC has revolutionized drug delivery with a platform that can deliver more bioactives directly to the bloodstream. Next to an IV injection, SGCs functional gummies are the fastest way to get active ingredients into the body through mucosal absorption – the gums and tissues of the mouth. Moreover, they taste good and are made with ingredients. As a result, SGC’s technology enables efficient drug delivery with high efficacy and bioavailability. Adapting the technology into energy delivery, the company launched a suite of energy products including Mocca Shots.


Mocca Shots are unique in the energy market: they contain the highest concentration of caffeine available, and they work 3x faster than energy drinks. This is because caffeine in the gummy gets absorbed through mouth mucosa and directly into the blood stream in less than 5 minutes.

Each Mocca Shots™ dark chocolate gummy packs 100 mg of caffeine, the equivalent of a regular cup of coffee.
Why Chocolate Gummies? Caffeine increases alertness, focus, cognition and attention but often with jittery side-effects. Research shows that caffeine and cocoa together do the same trick but with enhanced focus and reduced anxiety. The combination results in a clean and focused energy without the jittery feeling associated with other caffeinated products. “Feedback we get confirms the science behind Mocca Shots,” says Dr. Connie Wan. “Customers love the clean energy feeling and are amazed at how quickly and effectively Mocca Shots work when they are painfully fatigued or need to be productive.”

Consumers often compare the flavor of energy drinks, such as 5-hour energy and Red Bull, to a combination of sweet tarts and cough medicine. “If you want energy fast, Mocca Shots are a much better choice than Energy Drinks,” says CEO, Dr. Connie Wan. “We knew we could create a product with natural ingredients that not only tastes better but is also more effective at helping people focus without the jittery side-effects normally associated with caffeine.”

Dr. Connie Wan is the founder and CEO of Seattle Gummy Company (SGC). Before founding SGC, Dr. Wan served as the CTO for Benemilk, a joint venture by the Raisio Group and Intellectual Ventures (IV), the biggest patent focused private equity fund in the world. Before joining Benemilk, Dr. Wan led IV’s invention capital investment from assets creation, evaluation and acquisition, IP portfolio strategy and management, technology startup, partnership and joint venture formation, to technology licensing and commercialization in physical sciences.

Diversely experienced in scientific, business and legal fields, Dr. Wan researched novel therapeutics in both academic and industrial labs as a scientist, advised clients from blue-chip pharmaceutical companies to biotech startups as an IP attorney in private practice, and have previously co-founded several companies as a serial entrepreneur. Dr. Wan holds multiple advanced degrees from various fields including a Bachelor of Sciences and a Master of Medicine degree from Peking University, both a Masters and a Ph.D. degree from Clark University in organic chemistry, and a J.D. from the University of Washington, School of Law.


  • Seattle innovation cup entrepreneurship competition 2018
  • Most innovative company: 2018 Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Start-up Competition
  • Top Prize as most innovative companies at the 2018 Xiamen-Silicon Valley Tech Start-ups Competition


SGC is the leader in performance gummy products that combine bioactive ingredients and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles. Dr. Wan is passionate about developing innovative gummy formulations that enhance performance, health and wellness. SGC’s products are designed to help people GET __ DONE every day, whether it is boosting energy, focus, immunity or wellness. SGC’s products are made in the USA with high-quality ingredients and rigorous quality control.