What’s in HydraFuel Electrolyte Gummies?

Hydrafuel Pouch

Defeat fatigue the next time you work out or compete with the power of combined hydration and fuel! Hydration is vital for peak physical performance, whether working out in the gym or running a marathon. Dehydration, in addition to tanking physical and mental performance, can be dangerous, especially during endurance sporting events. And, if you’re working out in the heat, hydration becomes even more essential for safety. However, staving off the adverse effects of dehydration is just one of the benefits of the HydraFuel gummy. Its unique combination of bioavailable electrolytes and fast-release carbohydrates combine with the water you’re drinking to provide superior hydration and fend off fatigue. Stave off a pesky energy crash with the one-two punch of electrolytes and fuel from the HydraFuel gummy

Bioavailable Electrolytes

With the five electrolytes recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), HydraFuel electrolyte gummies contain a complete profile of the electrolytes needed for good hydration. The balanced blend of electrolytes offered by the HydraFuel electrolyte gummy creates a state of complete hydration not provided by other formulas. 

  1. Sodium—this essential mineral is lost through excessive sweating and needs to be replenished by taking electrolytes. Sodium is incredibly important for helping your body store and release water. It also helps with nerves, muscles, and pH balance. You lose more of this electrolyte through sweat than any other, making it essential to replace during exercise. 
  2. Chloride—essential electrolyte chloride works with other electrolytes to keep your body’s acid and base levels balanced during exertion. It also plays a vital role in helping your body transport liquids into and out of cells. 
  3. Glucose—simple sugars help your body absorb sodium and water in a beneficial 1:1 ratio in the small intestine. 
  4. Potassium—works with sodium and needs to be replaced after being lost through sweat. It’s also classically used to help with annoying muscle cramps. 
  5. Citrate—helps keeps the body’s pH levels balanced if you get dehydrated, and it also supports hydration by helping the small intestine absorb more water. It also supports potassium retention. 

Fast-Release Carbohydrates

Did you know that fast-release carbohydrates support hydration and energy? It’s a one-two punch to fatigue. Dehydration can cause low energy, so by effectively rehydrating with HydraFuel’s optimized mix of electrolytes; you can stay healthfully hydrated! Taking simple sugars with your electrolytes increases the body’s ability to stay hydrated and fend off fatigue. Plus, fast-release carbohydrates are quick energy your muscles can use once they’ve run out of stored muscle glycogen. 

Biologically Optimized Electrolyte and Carbohydrate Ratios

The electrolytes and fast-acting carbohydrate ratios are biologically optimized to boost efficient hydration. This means that your body absorbs more hydrating nutrients in the right amounts to hydrate most effectively. Enjoy the increased performance you can only experience with the HydraFuel Gummy!

Better Nutrient Absorption

In addition to biologically optimized electrolytes and carbohydrate ratios, gummies are better absorbed by your body. When you take electrolyte tabs or pills or drink an electrolyte powder, all those products go down into your stomach to be digested. Next, all of those ingredients need to be filtered through your liver. Only after going through the stomach and the liver can any electrolytes be absorbed into your bloodstream through your small intestine. Not only does this take time, but you lose some of the beneficial ingredients in this process. 

With a gummy, you start absorbing its good ingredients as you chew! Your mouth is full of small blood vessels called capillaries and is lined by thin skin called the mucosa. As you chew an electrolyte gummy, its ingredients dissolve into your saliva. Blood vessels inside your mouth start to absorb these nutrients through the mucosa. Digestion is bypassed entirely, so you absorb more of a gummy’s ingredients faster!

Plus, HydraFuel’s electrolytes and carbohydrates are already in a dissolved, molecular form, making them easy for your body to use right away. This is why you’ll feel a HydraFuel gummy start working much sooner than a powder or tablet. 

Beneficial Ingredients

The HydraFuel gummy attacks hydration in two ways:

  1. By using all of the essential electrolytes recommended by WHO in a biologically available ratio.
  2. Combining these electrolytes with fast-acting carbs to support hydration and energy. 

Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) always uses high-quality ingredients you can trust. 

Delicious Flavor

The world’s FIRST electrolyte + fuel gummy comes in a delicious margarita flavor! Refresh yourself on your next ride, run, or workout with these delicious electrolyte and fuel gummies. Athletes everywhere are using the HydraFuel gummies to set new PRs. Make every workout your best one with HydraFuel performance gummies. Not only are these gummies delicious and fast-acting, but they travel well. Thanks to SGC’s non-melting formula, you can stash these in your pocket, gym bag, purse, or even a hot car. Where other gummies might melt and become a sticky mess, the HydraFuel gummy is ready to go whenever and wherever you are. If you’re used to mixing hydration powders in water, you’ll love how easy it is to get even better hydration levels with a gummy. Order your HydraFuel electrolyte gummies today!