Melatonin Gummies vs Pills: Pros, Cons, How to Choose


Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland, which lies right above the brain stem, or base of the brain. As light levels lower, the body naturally produces melatonin, which tells the body that it’s time to sleep. Many people use melatonin to combat insomnia and general sleeplessness. Doctors recommend a low dose of melatonin, and it should not be used for healthy children. A long-term side effect of melatonin use in children is the suppression of sex hormones. Melatonin is considered safe for adults, with side effects of high doses including dizziness, headaches, nausea, and sleeplessness.  Melatonin Gummies, for some, can be more effective than pills

Differences Between Melatonin Gummies and Pills

Every brand of melatonin, whether they are gummies or pills, will have a different amount of melatonin. Start with a low dose, 0.5-3mg, and remember you can always lower the dose even further by cutting a pill or eating half a gummy. Remember, while safe, melatonin is a hormone and it’s best to use the lowest dose that gives you the results you want. 

When it comes to melatonin gummies vs pills, remember that melatonin pills are either hard tablets or capsules. Don’t try to cut capsules in half. Melatonin gummies are gummy candies with added melatonin. They are both available in different concentrations. Be sure to pick a quality brand. 

Pros and Cons of Taking Melatonin Gummies

Gummies are taking over medications and supplements everywhere, and they are not just for children these days. You can find many supplements in gummy form, and melatonin is no exception.

Here are some of the pros of using melatonin gummies:

  1. They are flavored and sweet. 

  2. Easy to chew and swallow.

  3. No water needed. 

  4. Gummies absorb more quickly into the body, bypassing the digestive system, and start absorbing in the mouth. This means you can take a gummy right before bed and it will start working in your system within a few minutes. 

Here is the con of melatonin gummies:

  1. They are easy to treat like candy, which makes it very easy to take too much melatonin. This is especially relevant if there are children in the household. 

Pros and Cons of Taking Melatonin Pills

Pills are the classic form for many supplements and there are many melatonin pills to choose from. Here are some of the pros of melatonin pills:

  1. They last longer on your shelf.

  2. They don’t have any taste. 

  3. You can cut pills to easily give yourself a lower dosage.

Here are some of the cons of pills:

  1. They need to be swallowed, which is challenging for many people. According to an epidemiology study in 2019, 1 in 6 adults has trouble swallowing pills. 

  2. Pills usually require the use of water before bed, which many people try to avoid. 

  3. They take longer to be absorbed by the body. This means you’ll need to take a pill 30-60 minutes before bed or wait for it to kick in. 

Melatonin Pills or Gummies-Which is Right for You?

When it comes to supplements, and how to take them, the right way to take them is the way that works for you. What’s most important is that you receive the care you need, not how you receive it. When deciding between melatonin gummies vs melatonin pills, consider the following:

1. Do you have trouble swallowing?

If you have trouble swallowing pills, then just bypass the stress before bed and choose a melatonin gummy. While they still need swallowing, they’ll dissolve a great deal before you swallow, making them quite easy to get down. 

2. Do you forget to take pills?

Since melatonin pills require a bit of timing, if you’re forgetful, or have a lot on your mind, then a pill might not be the best choice for you. If you take a melatonin pill right as you go to bed, then it won’t start working for a while. Melatonin gummies can be taken right before bed and will start working quickly. 

3. Do you resist taking pills, even if you can? 

Some people simply don’t like taking supplements and will subconsciously resist, even if they want to take melatonin, for example. If you find yourself forgetting your melatonin pills, try switching over to a melatonin gummy. It’s like taking a little candy before bed, which will be more motivating than swallowing a pill. 

Melatonin Gummies with the Right Dose

Seattle Gummy Company’s Slumber Shot sleep gummy offers not only a safe, 3mg dose of melatonin but also includes a powerful sleep herb, valerian root, and calming herb, jujube seed. The Slumber Shot has the highest amount of valerian root out of other sleep gummies, making it the most effective sleep gummy on the market. And, while many gummies have sugar in them, the Slumber Shot is sugar-free! That makes it a guilt-free treat that will help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.