New Year’s Fitness Resolutions: 9 Tips For Achieving Your Exercise Goals

Fitness-themed resolutions are among the most popular ever New Year. However, they are notoriously some of the most challenging resolutions to keep. Recognizing the importance of physical activity, we want to set you up for success and help you achieve your exercise goals all year. Let’s dive into nine strategies to help you stay strong with your New Year’s fitness resolutions, complete with performance gummy recommendations to help you power up, hydrate, recover, and repeat.

1. Define the Motivation

Motivation forms the foundation for your exercise goals and is the secret ingredient that keeps you going even on the toughest of days. To maximize the power of motivation, clearly articulate the “why.” Why do you want to set a fitness goal? Why that goal in particular? Define your motivation, write it down, and keep it as a reminder when you’re tempted to hit snooze or go straight home from work. 

2. Keep it Simple

It’s not a surprise that the easier it is to achieve your goal, the more likely it is that you will do so. While it may seem silly to set an easily achievable goal, know that this simplicity is the key to success. As soon as you achieve one fitness goal, you can always set another. Raising the bar will be easier with some momentum from success. 

3. Be Realistic

If going to the gym is a hassle, chances are you won’t get there often. If you’ve never run a mile, it might be a stretch to set a goal to run a marathon in this calendar year. For the best chance of making meaningful fitness progress, set a goal that you can realistically attain. When in doubt, lower the bar. You can always set a more ambitious goal when you reach the first one. 

4. Be Specific

“Getting in shape” is a great goal, but reaching that goal requires some specificity with the terms of the goal. You need to know exactly what you are aiming for. If you want to get in shape, determine what that means to you. Are you picturing yourself with a certain level of endurance, number on the scale, or strength in the weight room? 

5. Pace Yourself

It’s tempting to shoot for the stars in January, but it is best practice to pace yourself. Pushing yourself too hard at the start is a recipe for burnout. Make progress towards your goal one step at a time, allowing your body to rest and adjust as you go. Keep in mind that consistency is far better in the long run than any impressive one-time stat.

6. Prioritize Nutrition

To perform well at the gym, in the pool, on the road, or on the trails, you must eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. Your body needs a wide array of nutrients to maintain daily activity levels and reach new fitness goals. Rather than restricting your diet, focus on eating colorful fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, proteins, and whole grains. 

7. Fuel Up for Workouts

Right before your workout is a valuable opportunity to set yourself up for success. Your body needs a mix of carbohydrates to get going strong. Try our Pre Workout Gummies and Energy Supplements formulated with controlled-release carbohydrates and a blend of active ingredients to jumpstart your workout and keep you going strong longer. The gummies are packed with carbohydrates, caffeine, B vitamins, ginseng, prebiotics, and a branch chain amino acid (BCAA) blend to help you maximize performance. For an extra energy boost, try our caffeine gummies

8. Hydrate Properly

Proper hydration is essential, but it’s not always easy to get. In addition to water, your body needs electrolytes. When you are working out, try the world’s first electrolyte and fuel gummy, our HydraFuel Hydration Gummies. The gummies contain an optimal mix of electrolytes and carbohydrates to boost efficient hydration, rapidly replenish and accelerate electrolyte rebalance, and provide instant energy. 

9. Recover and Rest

The work isn’t over when your workout ends. In fact, what you do immediately after a workout is just as important as the workout itself. The first 30-60 minutes after your workout is the ideal time to consume high GI carbohydrates to replenish muscle glycogen and facilitate muscle tissue repair. Take our Recover Post-Workout Supplement Gummies to recharge your muscles rapidly. The gummies are packed with active ingredients that support muscle synthesis, facilitate energy storage, support muscle recovery, and soothe post-workout soreness. For an added boost, take a Turmeric Shot Gummy to help reduce inflammation and boost circulation. 

New Year’s Fitness Resolutions with Seattle Gummy

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