Seattle Gummy Company CEO, Dr. Connie Wan, Spoke at FBIF 2018 Presenting the Functional Gummy™ Technology

Posted April 20, 2018 SEATTLE, Washington — The FBIF2018 Food & Beverage Innovation Forum, created by Simba Events, officially opened on April 18th, 2018 at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Baohua. The theme of this forum is “The Rise of New Products” and focuses on the food industry. The forum brought together more than 1,800 brand executives from more than 650 branded companies in the global food and beverage industry, including Nestle, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Danone and ChaCha Food, an investor of Seattle Gummy Company. More than 80 media reporters from China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore gathered at the FBIF2018 to spread the trend of the global food and beverage industry to the world with their keen insight and unique news perspectives. As an invited speaker at the conference, SGC’s CEO, Dr. Connie Wan, discussed the company’s Functional Gummy™ technology, specifically using functional gummy formulation to deliver bioactive compounds for better health.   According to Dr. Wan, inaddition to being a delicious and well-liked confectionary form, gummy can potentially be an effective formulation for delivering bioactive compounds such as nutritional supplements and medicines into the blood stream.  SGC’s functional gummy formulation taps into the mucosal absorption leading to quick absorption and fast action onto the human body. Dr. Wan challenged the traditional concept of “gummy as a food” noting that functional gummy is a category of gummy products specifically formulated to deliver bioactive compounds. Dr. Wan further noted that turning a traditional gummy into a functional gummy imposes challenges on both the compounds incorporated and the gummy base. To be successfully incorporated into a gummy base, the bioactive compound should not interfere with gummy matrix formation, should be stable and soluble in the gummy base and any bitter or unpleasant taste of the compound should be masked. As a functional gummy base, the gummy matrix should have controllable softening and melting property and should have low glycemic index for enhanced health benefit. By tapping into the knowledge and experiences from the pharmaceutical sciences, SGC scientists have developed key pieces of technologies enabling successfully formulation of functional gummy products incorporating various bioactive compounds. About Seattle Gummy Company (SGC): SGC is an R&D focused developer and manufacturer of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical gummy products. The company specializes in formulating Functional Gummy® products combining the wealth of the in-house knowledge in pharmaceutics, organic chemistry, natural product chemistry, western medicine, and herbal medicine.  The company provides performance focused nutraceutical supplements inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that fit to each customer’s unique life style.  The current TCM based nutraceutical products line includes MOCCA SHOTS™, ENERGON QUBE™, FUNTIONAL FRUIT®, and SEATTLE BEAUTY®. To learn more about SGC, visit