Seattle Beauty™ Tip: an ancient beauty recipe from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Xishi was one of the most famous beauties in Chinese history.  Many folk stories were told about her beauty and her beauty secrets.  As one story was told, an old herbalist gave Xishi a face wash powder recipe and it was this recipe that gave Xishi her famous milky jade-like skin.  The recipe, which was recorded in the Chinese herbal medicine book “Palace Pharmacopeia,” has been later rediscovered. Here is the recipe: blend together equal amount of herb powders of Baiji (Bletilla striata), Angelica root, Bailian (Ampelopsis japonica), Baifuzi (Rhizoma Typhonii), Tianhuafeng (Radix Trichosanthis), Gansong (Radix et Rhizoma Nardostachyos), Shannai (Kaempferia galangal), Maoxiang (hierochloe odorata), linglingxiang, Fangfeng (Saposhnikovia divaricate Schischk), Haomeng (Ligusticum sinensis Oliv.), Mung bean, and Zhaojiao (Gleditsia sinensis Lam) and store in cold place. Use as a face wash: pour quarter size amount of the powder mix into your palm, mix with small amount of water or milk into a soft paste. Message the paste onto your dry or wet face. Add water or milk as needed to help spread the paste. Wash off. Use daily as a face wash. Use as a facemask: mix powder with egg white and milk. You can add a little honey too. Mix thoroughly into a soft paste. Spread the paste evenly onto your face. Sit back and relax for 20 min or until the paste is half dry. Wash off with warm water. Use once a week. Caution: because the recipe contains herbal medicine, please do test the recipe on a small patch of skin before using it on your face to make sure you are not allergic. Functions: the recipe clears and whitens the skin. It’s especially effective in removing dark spots and smoothing scars. If you are interested in each herbal ingredient’s function, here they are:
  • Baiji − nourishes the skin and dries skin sores. It is often used to whiten the skin and cure chapped hands and feet in TCM;
  • Angelica root: moisturizes and whitens the skin, facilitates blood flow to facial capillary blood vessels and improves complexion;
  • Bailian (Ampelopsis japonica) − cures the surface sore blisters, removes dark spots, cures acne, detoxifies and smoothens the skin and shrinks pores;
  • Baifuzi (Rhizoma Typhonii) − moisturizes and whitens the skin, removes scars and freckles;
  • Tianhuafeng (Radix Trichosanthis) − cools the skin, damps the skin inflammation, and clears acnes;
  • Gansong (Radix et Rhizoma Nardostachyos) − stimulates the skin to accelerate blood circulation and improves skin nutrition;
  • Shannai (Kaempferia galangal) − increases surface capillary blood flow and anti-aging;
  • Maoxiang (hierochloe odorata) − cools and clears skin and soothes inflammation;
  • Linglingxiang − promotes blood circulation and increases skin nutrition;
  • Fangfeng (Saposhnikovia divaricate Schischk) − clears the skin; and
  • Haomeng (Ligusticum sinensis Oliv.) − clears and dries the sores.
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