Seattle Beauty® Tip: clear skin with lotus leaf

clear skin with lotus leaf

Puffiness of the face is caused by accumulation of fluids on the face. The condition makes your face to appear more rounded and inflamed. There are varieties of causes for puffy face. Some drugs can lead to water retention in the body and cause puffiness, such as steroids, aspirin, birth control pills, antidepressants, blood pressure mediations and hormone replace therapy. Certain medical conditions can also cause face puffiness, such as allergies, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, certain hormonal imbalance, diabetes, dehydration, high blood pressure and obesity.

Another major reason for facial puffiness is the life style —too much sugary drinks, too much salty and/fatty food, long sleepless night, heavy drinking the night before can lead to a puffy face in the morning. Before you write off the puffiness on your face to too much fatty food, you should consult a doctor for persistent puffiness because it could be a sign for a serious health problem.

Lotus leaf is a common herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating facial puffiness. For a facial application, boil 3 teaspoons of dried and chopped lotus leaf with a small amount of water for a few minutes. Add to the boiled mixture 2 teaspoons of Coix seed powder to provide a soft spreadable paste. Sprinkle in a small amount of agar or gelatin powder to help with the paste consistency. Spread the paste onto your clean face. Wait until dry. Wash off with warm water and end with a splash of cold water. Pat dry. The mask whitens the skin, reduces the puffiness and firms the skin.

According to the “Compendium of Matera Medica,” lotus leaf is capable of reducing swelling, increase drainage of water, and reducing the inflammation. If you have persistent puffy face, drinking lotus tea also helps to alleviate the symptom.

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