Seattle Beauty® Tip: Ginseng toner for a wrinkle free skin


Cut Ginseng into thin slices. Mix glycerol with equal amount of water to make a 50% glycerol. Soak Ginseng in 50% of glycerol for 10 days to provide a ginseng enriched glycerol stock. To make a toner, dilute the ginseng glycerol with flower water at 7 parts of flower water with 3 parts of ginseng glycerol. Mix well and use as a skin toner.

Be creative when creating your own ginseng toner. You can use any flower water, essential oil or other herbal ingredients in this recipe. The toner is anti-aging and very effective in treating wrinkles.

Note: You can buy fresh ginseng from Korean grocery store or slices of dry ginseng from any Asian supermarkets. Vegetable glycerol is usually available in supermarkets.

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